Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Moron of the Month - April 2014

And how fitting that we do this today.  April 1.  Celebrating a fool.

And there's no bigger fraud in this country than this cow.  Never has so much attention been fostered on something so small.   Well, small in every way but body size.

I've rattled on here before about Oprah.  Indeed, she's nothing but a local TV reporter who got incredibly lucky.  She can't sing.  She certainly can't act.  She's definitely not a nice person.  She really has no discernible talent except for asking questions.  Hell, somebody down at the DMV does that for a living, too.

Still, despite this vast nothingness,  lemmings have followed Oprah around for years as if she's some Biblical profit.  The Gospel According to Winfrey.  Oh, yeah, and you're gonna get a car!

Her rewards and accolades are plenty.  And for what precisely?  Her most significant accomplishment, in my humble opinion, has been her hand in contributing to the systematic dumbing down of America.  That long-running talk show of hers was essentially information disseminated on a second grade level.  She tells her audience of idiots to take an aspirin when they have a headache and somebody awards her a Nobel Prize.  God help us all.

Meanwhile, the woman is a complete terror on wheels.  Stories from former staff members are legendary.  Don't speak to her unless she starts the conversation first.  Don't make direct eye contact.  If she's coming down the hall, move over to the right so she can pass.

Oh, go ask some commercial airline flight attendants all about Oprah.  It's one shit storm after another.  There was one point in her career where Winfrey's people would call ahead to an airline to make sure that only white flight attendants wait on her.  Unbelievable.

Naturally, all of these anecdotes don't get a lot of press.  My Lord, how can you say anything bad about Oprah?  She's helped so many people.


So why, Len, are you devoting more blog space to this obvious bitch?  Well, of late, she's back in the news and pulling a stunt that absolutely no one has chastised her for.  An act so reprehensible that it's even over-the-top for this pig.

You might know that there's a new reality show making the rounds called "Lindsay."  Cameras follow the beleaguered Lindsay Lohan around as she goes through one life crisis after another.  This is the epitome of train wreck television.   More importantly, it's incredibly exploitative.  Here's a young girl whose life will likely come to an end in a horrible and tragic way sooner than later.  Lohan's on a certain and sad death march with her numerous arrests, addictions, and family dramas.  Her world is now an incredibly sad one, given her acting talents had so much promise.  I remember her debut back in 1998.  The remake of Disney's "The Parent Trap."  Lindsay was nothing short of delightful and magical.

Of course, America in 2014 clamors to watch anybody in the public eye fall apart.  This is a sickening trend in our society and I publicly condemn any producer or filmmaker who contributes to it.

Oh, yeah, I'm burying the lead.   The person who's the brain power of "Lindsay?"

Correct.   Oprah.

And, oh yeah, the network airing this mess?

The OWN Network.

Now, I've read that Lindsay Lohan has been running around and thanking Oprah for the chance to tell her story.  Winfrey is supposedly giving Lohan the opportunity to get back on her feet.

Yeah, right.

The OWN Network is a disaster and has been one since it debuted.  Unless it's on a day where Lance Armstrong goes on and admits to doping, the channel has about thirteen viewers, tops.  Oprah is not looking to help Lindsay.  She's desperately trying to save her franchise.

I call bullshit, Oprah.  And you know it.  You are simply enabling here.  And, I am betting that, secretly, you hope your cameras are rolling when Lohan takes her final slip down that slope.  

When that happens, there will be so much handwringing that Vaseline Hand Lotion sales will skyrocket.  Oprah will get her moments in the sun again.  Poor Lindsay.  We were just trying to turn her around.

And people will buy the act hook, line, and sinker.

I suppose Oprah's not really the moron this month.  Indeed, the real stupid ones are anybody out in the audience who has ever given this woman one ounce of attention or credibility in the last thirty years. 

April Fools for sure.

Dinner last night:  Leftover roast beef and vegetables.

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Puck said...

Don't ignore the ability to ask questions -- there are very few good interviewers out there. She can be very good at it.

I find her boorish and boring. OWN is a great place to watch reruns of Dateline and shows about upscale women/African Americans (most of whom aren't interested anyway). She's apparently moving the whole thing to Hollywood; so she won't be far away from you, Len.