Thursday, October 13, 2016

In All Seriousness...

No jokes today.   These two police officers are being buried this morning.

Perhaps you heard about this.  Two Palm Springs officers were shot and killed last weekend by some piece of slime with an assault rifle.   Okay, you want to go and have yourself a time with the second amendment argument?  Be my guest.

Jose Vega, doing his job to protect your life, lost his.   He wasn't far from retirement.   He had a whole bunch of children at home.

Lesley Zerebny, doing her job to protect your life, lost her.   She was just back to work after maternity leave, has a four-month-old child at home.

You want to see the ass wipe responsible?
Personally, there should be no limit on the amount of electricity that runs through his body when he's strapped into the chair.   More likely, he will reside for years in prison with three meals a day thanks to some rat bastard defense attorney.

Now, I know this all happened because Los Angeles is not far from Palm Springs and it was technically a local news story.   I didn't see much about it via the national media which was too busy concerning themselves with Presidential debates and vulgar descriptions of female genitals.   I did not hear a comment from the President or anybody else important for that matter.

We all know why.   Smart people understand.  No need to say it here.

In this age of social media, I would have expected to see this at least burning up on Facebook and Twitter.   From my vantage point, this happened to only a small degree.  Yet, for several days, all I saw on my portals was Donald Trump this and Hillary Clinton that.

Well, in all seriousness, fuck Donald Trump.   Fuck Hillary Clinton.  They are both what you step in on the sidewalk when your neighbor doesn't clean up after his pooch.  Neither are heroes and neither deserve our attention.  If they have yours, it's time to recalculate, gang. 

Jose and Lesley are heroes...or sadly...were.  In a country where that very description is becoming extinct.

Think about it.

Dinner last night:  Chinese chopped salad with chicken.


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