Thursday, October 20, 2016

Morons of the Month - October 2016

Another example of how far down the rabbit hole we have fallen.

It's been a long time since I watched any of these morning network TV shows.   I get my daily info from the radio.   If I'm told it's okay to go outside, I proceed with my day.

But, back when I was a kid, my mother did tune into the Today Show.  This was a real news show at that time with very polished journalists...long before it was turned over to such dopes as Matt Lauer and Al Roker whose most in-depth questions are posed to some of the idiots from Bumfuk, Alabama gathered outside.  In the old days, you got solid and smart information from these shows.

Of course, every network has their own version of the Today Show.   ABC's Good Morning America has been around for years and I never really paid attention to it.   Until the past two weeks for some reason.

And I am astounded and appalled at just how horrible this show is.   Especially since part of the hosting duties are shared by supposed journalists Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.   Two more unlikely news people you will never find.

Starting with the latter, it's amazing that any alleged news organization would hire him.   He's been a political operative for years.   Unbiased?  Hardly.   Next.

Robin Roberts has always been a mystery to me.   She came out of nowhere to become a TV personality that is solely based on her ability to click off a bunch of boxes on the old designed demographic chart.

She's a woman.

She's Black.

She's gay.   

Hat trick!

And, just for good measure, she's a cancer survivor.   Okay, for that, I salute her.   But it still doesn't mean she's a journalist.  

But, after two weeks of being re-acquainted with GMA, I shouldn't expect anything even close to news coming out of this daily sewer back-up.

You can start with the presence of a studio audience.   Yep, let's clap for the news.   Oh, wait, there's no news here.   Only interviews with whatever clown has a TV show premiering or a movie coming out.

Woot woot.   Clap.   Clap.

There's about six co-hosts on this thing and one is dumber than the next.   But, give them credit for reading teleprompters correctly.  Meanwhile, they've added Michael Strahan to this mix and I'm sure Kelly Ripa is happy to be rid of this oaf who probably suffered about two dozen concussions during his NFL career.   That would explain how completely inane he is.

During my two weeks monitoring GMA, I was amazed at the reverse racism that is sported around the production of this show.  Whenever there is a guest of color, it's only Roberts or Strahan doing the interview.   Huh?  What kind of message does this send?

Of course, it's not like any of the interviews will have any depth.   Take, for instance, last week.    Every day, there was some guest extolling the virtues of the new movie "Birth of a Nation," which was opening that Friday.   Naturally, Strahan handled all these interviews because the film is about slavery and he's an expert on that subject, being a multi-millionaire and all.

Now, smart media people all know the controversy behind this film.   Director and writer Nate Parker apparently was a rapist in the past and that publicity alone has sunk the film.   "Birth of a Nation" could be renamed "Death at the Box Office."   Supposedly, there was an Academy screening last week in LA and only about 25% of the seats were full.   This was big news all over the place.

Except at GMA.   Over the course of about five interviews on the movie, did Strahan once ask a question about the director's problems?

You see, that doesn't happen on GMA.   Especially when you're a show populated by and directed at complete morons.

Woot woot.   Clap clap.

Dinner last night:  Super Dodger Dog.

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