Thursday, April 13, 2017

Morons of the Month - April 2017

After a few months of a personal cleansing of all things political from my system, this recent chart from the "news" network MS-LSD gave me pause again to address the lunacy all around us.

In this incredibly bi-polar, manic depressive society we live in, it's fascinating to watch the talking points from both sides.   Indeed, what was an issue for Republicans the last eight years is now a gut wrencher for the Democrats?  I love how this flip flops depending upon on who is in the White House.   It's like each party completely forgets their own argument for or against.

Among the many issues that are always debated ad nauseum by the assholes that run our federal, state, and local governments is the vacation time of our leadership.   Right now, Trump is on the hot seat because he seems to go to Florida every single week.   Yes, every time a President moves his location, there is a large tax payer cost for gassing up the plane, moving relatives, Secret Service, etc..

Well, you see that totally "factual" publication Politico is showing just how much Trump is draining the travel budget compared to the previous idiot who lived at 16oo Pennsylvania Avenue.  Okay, I am astounded by the logic used here.  And you have to live in Los Angeles to know that the Obama numbers are...well...under reported.  

This is a guy who made almost 50 different fund raising trips to California as he courted the dastardly 1 percent of the Hollywood community who are stupid in their own right.   Every time this ass wipe showed up here, traffic was tied up for days in a complete disregard for the common citizen.   I once was stuck two blocks from my house for three hours because there was a 50 percent chance the Presidential motorcade was going to come down my block.   

Cops working overtime.   People stuck in traffic burning gas.   And the guy was not doing any sort of business that involved the state of California.   None of those costs are reflected in the numbers on this chart.

Of course, this debate is always cyclical.   Democrats complain about Trump, Bush 1, Bush 2, and Reagan.   Republicans complain about Obama, Clinton, and Carter.   The same arguments get trotted out, only worded differently.   It's part of the mayhem and gridlock that is destroying this country systematically.   So, you idiots on both sides of the aisle, keep griping about Florida vacations and golf trips and excursions to Hawaii.

While all Presidents travels, the rest of us are going no place fast.

Dinner last night:  Had a big lunch so just a sandwich.

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