Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Mugs!

That's not a receding hairline.   That's one major evacuation.
Oh, my God!  They've arrested that guy from "Kung Fu!"
"Gee, the color didn't look this bad on the box."
 Orange Really is the New Black.
 He drinks what he wears.
 Trying to see the convict through the trees.
Now that's some precise barbering.
Yeah, we know.
Those Lancome chemical peels aren't always what they're supposed to be.
 Now that's talent!
Who's got some Tylenol?
Shoplifting....and a stroke.  All in one afternoon.
Just wait till some of the boys on the inside see what you can do with that tongue.

Dinner last night:  Proscuitto and mozzarella sandwich.

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