Friday, February 7, 2014

Ground Mug Day

Smile!  You're on Criminals Camera!
This guy's in the bag.  Literally.
That's not a smile.  It's the front of a 1957 Buick.
 Why so glum?  He won.
Just how many boxes of Clairol did you use?
Somebody likes the food they serve down at the county jail.
 Just how wide can you make them?
Oh, my God!  They're arrested Cliff Barnes from TV's Dallas!
I am stuck on a Bandaid and a Bandaid's stuck on me.
Somebody bitch slap her please.
How not to apply clown make-up.
He was arrested in the middle of a dental cleaning.

Dinner last night:  Had a long travel day to NY so didn't really eat dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Black History Month!