Thursday, February 6, 2014

Morons of the Month - February 2014

Is that not a gorgeous photograph of the Hollywood sign?  Nicely conveying the beauty and magic of this town.

A place where people can be so damn stupid.

Behind the gloss and the glitz of Tinseltown, there are celebrities who, on a daily basis, practice the most blatant of double standards.

Stars actively campaigning for gun control while still appearing in the most violent of movies.

Actors and actresses ardently fighting for the environment, while behind the wheel of a gas guzzling Escalade.  

Speaking out on the need for socialized medicine in this country, while their own unions feature the finest in non-socialized health care.

Out there putting the battle for the downtrodden and oppressed, while skipping out on their own income tax.  Yeah, I mean you, Bruce Springsteen.

The hypocrisy happens every day out here on the "really" Left Coast.  And it was clearly evident just this past weekend when two stories hit the news and the Hollywood assholes immediately took to their Twitter accounts.

Everyone in the film industry woke up on Super Bowl Sunday morning to hear that  actor and former Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman had died tragically in New York.   The complete story was almost immediately available.  They found him dead in his bathroom.   A syringe full of heroin stuck in his arm.  At the age of 46.  

To me, this is no surprise.  Hoffman, while talented, always seemed a little creepy to me.   And, given he always looked fat, adding lethal drugs to your morning regimen is just a nasty concoction that doesn't necessarily get you an AARP card.   

Hollywood was stunned.  And there was one tweet after another about what a loss his death was.   Of course, it was.  Predominantly for his three kids and their mother, the girlfriend Hoffman never bothered to marry.

But, the celebs were wringing their hands in shock and dismay.  The loss.  The humanity.  The waste.   I read through about four dozen or so tweets from Hollywood notables.

And never saw one single mention of the words "drugs," "overdose," or "heroin."

And they never do.   Likely because the lifestyle of one Philip Seymour Hoffman is not necessarily far from their own.  Hmmm, what's that needle doing in your night stand?

It's always amazing to me how drug usage gets a pass when it comes to the movers and shakers of Hollyweird.  Remember the actor, yes.   Forget that he was apparently a junkie?   Well, that, too.

Meanwhile, there was other breaking news.  Following in what might be a new fun trend for those grown-up children of Mia Farrow, one more of them took to the NY Times website to detail allegations of child abuse by their former daddy, Woody Allen.  

Okay, I will admit that the Woodman and all that nonsense he pulled years ago when he dated his own adopted daughter was sick as can be.  But why all the attention now?  Is it because those Farrow kids suddenly got e-mail addresses and can fire off stuff to the New York Times?  Oh, come on.

I mean, let's face it.  Their mother's kind of nuts, too.  Nobody ever mistook Mia Farrow for Blondie Bumstead.   And when she was twenty one, she was married to Frank Sinatra, 51, for about five minutes.  With Woody, she adopted so many kids that they qualified to be a Sherwood Schwartz sitcom.  To me, their whole family dynamic is corrupted from the get-go.

Meanwhile, the two Farrow kids are yakking it up now because former Daddy's got some press.  He just won a lifetime achievement award from the Golden Globes.  He's up for a screenplay Oscar for "Blue Jasmine."   And the ballots are out in the field.  Let's put this out there and see if anything sticks to him.


Of course, this got a lot of press but Hollywood, still reeling from Philip Seymour Hoffman's tragic passing, ignored it.   And why?

Because no actor or actress would have a comment about this.  Or wanted to.  You see, Woody Allen's still makes a movie a year.   And everybody still wants to work to get the chance to work with him.  Except for Cate Blanchett, who has everything to lose because she's Oscar-nominated for "Blue Jasmine" and announced her support for the director, it was complete crickets up and down Sunset Boulevard.

Once again, the morons of Hollywood don't fail us.   They always have a lot to say about life.   As long as it doesn't include theirs.

Dinner last night:  Bacon and cheese omelet.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Woody. Mia is a major nut job with a Mother Theresa complex, a twisted combo of Hollywood, where she grew up in a show biz family, and the Catholic Church. She's shooting for sainthood.

Famous women who open their own multiracial orphanages (Angelina, Madonna) are highly suspect. It's a big red flag. Joan Crawford adopted two white kids for the publicity and we know how nuts she was.

Mia was screwing Frank and Woody while Woody screwed her and Soon-Yi. The pot calls the kettle black.