Thursday, August 4, 2016

Moron of the Month - August 2016

So, big mouth Barbra Streisand is back on tour and thousands of fans are paying out millions of dollars to see this fabulous singer one more time.  You never know when it will be the last, right?



Yeah, that's my point and precisely why Her Majesty is getting recognized as this month's moron.   Because, way back when I was living in NY, she went on tour and I was lucky to see her.   One thing I won't deny is that this lady is super talented.  And I wanted to enjoy her performance once because, as the tour was billed, this would be her farewell.   The very last times she would appear in public.  Tickets were not cheap but, for many, the landlord would just have to wait for next month's rent check.

Flash forward to about ten years later.  I'm living in Los Angeles.   And bingo, Streisand is back on tour.  Shut the front door.   As the concerts were heralded, this would be the last time you would see Barbra on stage.   

I decided to make this a bi-coastal experience and I coughed up big time to see her again.  And, trust me, she does put on a great show.

That would be the last time I would pay through the nose (and that would be her nose) to see her.   But, just so you know, she has gone on tour about five other times since then.   Hey, everybody has the right to change their minds about retirement.   But don't bill a tour or two as your swan song and farewell and then keep appearing on stage.   I mean, I guess I can't blame her for going out on the road especially when the alternative is sitting home and watching hubby James Brolin vacuum lint out of his navel.  

But, come on, Babs.   You've been a little dishonest and deceptive, n'est-ce-pas?

Meanwhile, I know folks who paid out huge dollars to see her current shows, even though I heard that last minute seats are always heavily discounted on Stub Hub.   Whatever.  As if "People" or "The Way We Were" are going to sound any different on the 100th time you see her perform those songs.  

And, frankly, 2016 would not be a good year to see her babble on stage, given the current Presidential election, etc.. as Streisand is the official poster girl for Hollywood liberals.   She'll be bloviating endlessly about Hillary and equality and injustice. Probably just a short two hours after she yelled at and berated the Mexican gardening staff she likely employs at her gated Malibu complex.  Oh, and if she dials it up about the Second Amendment, just remember that her security guards are probably armed.

Just sayin'.

Dinner last night:  Hamburger and macaroni salad.

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