Thursday, August 18, 2016

The 49 Cent Tour of the New Apartment

Many have asked for this post and it took a while to clear out every single box from the new digs.   This is the tour of what I called the Hollywood Agent apartment --- everything is 15 percent smaller than the apartment I vacated downstairs on the first floor.   

Yes, I even have a front door with a number.
The view as you enter.   A more open floor plan just like they crave on any HGTV program.   I can stand in the kitchen and converse with somebody in the living room or dining room.   Now the trick is to find somebody worth the conversation.
I really crave the kitchen space.   Downstairs, only one person could be in the kitchen at a time.   Now there's room for others.   Still, please stay out of my kitchen.  I'm busy.
Lots of apartments out here have wet bars.   A waste of space, really.  So I load it up with knack knacks.   And, oh, yeah, liquor.
The dining room table and yes, the lamp is not centered over it.   I'm working on it.
Another angle into the living room.  And the fireplace doesn't operate.   I'm working on it.
A peek into the guest room/den/office.   Bobbleheads abound.
The guest bathroom complete with washer and dryer...also 15% smaller than before.   Add one more load a week, please.
The outdoor patio shared by two other apartments.  Good news --- they're all nice.
My walk-in closet...and hand.
My master bedroom and yet another office work station.   How freakin' busy am I?
The master from the other direction.  By the way, the art over the bed is a framed rendition of the last two Saturday tickets I used at Shea Stadium.
The master bath.   Trust me, it does have a Jacuzzi tub.   And, unlike the fireplace, it does work.

Okay, you can leave now.

Dinner last night:  Leftover barbecue.

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