Friday, November 4, 2016

Election Day Mugs

In honor of his final Election Day in the White House, let's take a gander at these hoods.   No President has had wound up in more mug shots than Barack Obama.
 Happy?  Not.
 Pink is for girls...but it will be orange after sentencing.
 It took Obama what?
 And my pimp for Vice President.
 Waiting for Affordable Bail Bonds.
 Spell check!!
 Dreams...and plea bargains...
 At least he's got the answer on his shirt in case there's a quiz.
 Is there an Obama Monopoly game?
 Prison Release '18.
 I wonder how many of these shirts shrunk after one washing.
Indeed, to some, the drama did continue.

Dinner last night:  Asian chopped salad.

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