Thursday, November 17, 2016

Len's Recipe of the Month - November 2016

Okay, it's November but, if you thought I was going to give you a full blown recipe for your Thanksgiving table, you're nuts.   

But what I am giving you is a super delicious side dish.   November might not be the right month to buy grape tomatoes, but you will thank me when it comes the time that they are in season.   I could eat this as a complete meal.

We're talking here Pan Roasted Tomatoes with Balsamic Jam and it's another gem that I have stolen from my first wife Valerie Bertinelli.   Well, she wasn't but it's fun to say.  This looked damn good when she prepared it on her Food Network show.   But the taste exceeds the looks by leaps and bounds.   You will thank me.

Get a pound of heirloom grape tomatoes.  Before you do anything, put a skillet on the stove and heat it till the darn thing smokes.   Super hot is necessary here.

As soon as the pan is scalding, dump the tomatoes in and let them blister on all sides.   Keep stirring so the blistering is even.   This takes about three to four minutes.   

You will have previously chopped up a medium red onion.   Lower the heat a little and add the onion bits.   Stir them all around for about a minute.

What the hell is balsamic jam?   Well, I'll tell you.   Take a half-cup of balsamic vinegar and add it to the pan.  Then stir in 1/2 teaspoon of confectioner's sugar. Yes, the powdery sugary.   Keep stirring it all together for about five minutes.   You will see the liquid get all syrupy and almost...wait for it...jam-like.   Add sea salt to taste and remember that salt and tomatoes marry very well together. 

Okay, plate the stuff and add some chopped basil (also a great partner for tomatoes) and a drizzle of olive oil.   The great thing is you can serve this warm or chilled like a salad (don't drizzle the EVO before you chill it).  

The result is a very unique tasting dish.   Because tomatoes are really a fruit, the sweetness here gives off the essence of a dessert salad.   

You still haven't thanked me.   I thank Valerie every day.

Dinner last night:  Steak, roasted tomatoes, and salad.

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