Friday, December 2, 2016

Blogging Our Way to Christmas Day

As the calendar flips to December, it's time for the annual disclaimer to all my faithful blog readers.

Yes, folks, we celebrate Christmas at Len Speaks.  And, for the next several weeks, it will be all about the December holiday on this blog.  If you're waiting for a Sunday Memory Drawer entry about Kwanzaa, go to Jay Z's blog.   Let's face it.  That was a holiday invented in the 60s by some Long Beach, California professor with too much time to think.   Seriously.  Look it up.

This will be the tenth Christmas we have celebrated together here in Cyberland.  I've told some old family tales about Yuletide celebrations from my childhood.  I've waxed philosophical and comedic about things that...well, just scream to make me wax philosophical and comedic.  There's been a ton of good and clever Christmas material printed here in the past.

So, like "A Charlie Brown Christmas" every year since 1965, some of the funny stuff will make a return.  I recognize that there are new and regular readers who were not clicking here back in 2007 and 2008.  I might re-package a piece or two so it will look new, but it really won't be.  Oldies can still be goodies. Trust me.   If you can watch Linus suck on that blanket next to the scrawny Christmas tree every year, you certainly can read some nifty comedy for the second or third time.

As for those darling memory dumps that I share on Sundays, there have sadly been a finite number of Christmas memories.  Every once in a red and green moon, I recall a tale or adventure that slipped my mind previously.  Eroding brain cells can tend to do that sort of thing to you.  But, for the most part, my grandmother is no longer saying funny things around the holidays.  She died in 1982 and stopped being amusing shortly thereafter.  The same with my parents.  So that well has dried up.  No egg nog left, folks.

But, just like Lucy and Ethel in the candy factory, we thank goodness for reruns.  Bear with me as I bring back, over this holiday season, some stories and posts from the past.  Carefully selected for your daily amusement and laughter.  

Keep on checking in every day.  For some new, some old, and all hopefully enjoyable.  I promise there will be no coal in this stocking.

And the egg nog starts spilling tomorrow.

Dinner last night:  Cheddar cheese and ham omelet.

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