Thursday, December 22, 2016

The 2016 Edition of Christmas Ads From Days Gone By

 Yeah, like Lauren Bacall would have settled for this.
 For those who think old...
Bob has an excuse for sending this lousy gift.   He'll be overseas entertaining the troops.
 Actually they are open on Christmas.  First-hand knowledge: my dad and I went there when my dopey aunt cooked lamb for the Christmas Day dinner.
 Gee, thanks, Honey.
 Donald Trump's America.
 Not a Christmas ad, but way too funny not to include.
 Of course, they both died from smoking-related illnesses.
 Too much candy for the man.
 When Joan was hoisting a bottle, I'll bet it wasn't Royal Crown Cola.
 Gee, I hope Mary and Jeff like these sweaters I made.
Listen to Tonto.

Dinner last night:  BBQ chopped salad.

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