Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy Mug Year 2017

 Oh, my God!  They've arrested Alfalfa!
 She's golden...literally.
Those aren't earrings.   That's a Cirque De Soleil act.
 Oh, my God!   They've arrested Hal Holbrook!!
 All color coordinated for jail.
 She'll be the only one in Women's Detention wearing a corsage.
 This ain't the senior class picture.
 One mom who won't be picking up her kid after soccer practice.
 The bad dye job should automatically add three months to the sentence.
 Hi.  My name is Jamal and I'll be your waiter when I get out.
 "Yeah, you wanna make something of it."
Held his hand a little too long in the offering plate at church.

Dinner last night:  Barbecue chopped salad.

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