Friday, January 20, 2017

Your Weekend Movie Guide for January 2017

In honor of the late Debbie Reynolds.   And this Radio City Music Hall ad from 1961 answers the trivia question of whether Debbie ever made a movie with Fred Astaire.   Of course, those "That's Entertainment" films don't really count.   
Yep, they were real stars then.   What have we got this month?   Well, Oscar hopefuls are still lingering all over the multiplexes.   Let's see.   You know the monthly routine, gang.   I'll zip through the movie pages of the newspaper and give you my knee-jerk reaction to what's out there for our donation of 15 or 16 dollars.   

Essentially, you're enjoying in this virtual page the pleasure of MY company.

La La Land:   Reviewed here recently and I'm still ecstatic.   But it's also fascinating to hear all the wildly diverse reactions to this movie.   When was the last time a film inspired that much conversation?

Fences:   Blog review coming and it was better left on the stage.   If you'd like to watch Denzel Washington being impressed with himself, this is the movie for you.

The Red Turtle:  More Japanese anime.   I prefer Looney Tunes.

Julieta:   A likely contender for Best Foreign Film.   And that's all I know about this.

Toni Erdmann:   A likely contender for Best Foreign Film.   And that's all I know about this one as well.

20th Century Women:   I hear Annette Bening's performance is the only thing interesting here.

Lion:   I hear this is quite good.   Patiently awaiting the screener.

Moonlight:   The main competition for "La La Land" and "Manchester" when it comes to Best Picture.

Silence:   I hear this is a rare Martin Scorsese dud.

Live By Night:   Ben Affleck stars and I hear it stinks.   Dots connected.

Jackie:   Blog review coming.   Spoiler alert: the President dies.

Hidden Figures:   I hear mixed things about this, both raves and pans.   One question: why did it take over 50 years to hear about these women?

Paterson:   Blog review coming.  Skip the bus and take an Uber.   You have to have seen the movie to get that.

Patriots Day:  Blog review ran yesterday.  If you didn't see it, here's a spoiler alert: somebody tries to blow up the Boston Marathon.

Rogue One - A Star Wars Tale:  Blog review coming...not far, far away.

Manchester By The Sea:   Next to "La La Land," one of the best films out there right now.

Arrival:   A great way to nap into a leather-cushioned seat.

Elle:   Where Cockney sinners are afraid to go after they die.

Loving:  I hear this is pretentious and sleep-inducing.  Not an inducement for me to share my fifteen dollars.

The Comedian:   Robert De Niro hasn't made a movie since December.  He's due.   On the other hand, a supporting cast of Danny Devito, Edie Falco, Charles Grodin, Cloris Leachman, Patti Lupone, and Harvey Keitel is quite inviting.

The Founder:   There are screeners all over town for this but it is finally opening in theaters today.   I am told the story of Ray Kroc and how he started McDonald's is quite interesting.

Worlds Apart:   Finding love in Greece.   Starring JK Simmons (???!!!)  He's not Greek to me.

Trespass Against Us:   A British knockoff of "The Godfather" with Michael Fassbender.

Staying Vertical:   In love with a shepherdess.   Seriously.   Looking at the title, I was expecting something completely different.

XXX - The Return of Xander Cage:   XXX used to mean you had to be over 18 to get into the theater.

Antarctica - Ice and Sky:  A documentary about...well...cold weather.

The Axe Murders of Villisca:  Wow, even Villisca isn't immune to senseless violence.
Bakery in Brooklyn:  Cousins fight over their aunt's bakery.  Take a number.

Detour:   An innocent law student falls into unexpected intrigue.   Shouldn't he be in the library studying?

My Father, Die:  Directed by Sean Brosnan.  If it's like his dad's movies, it will be gone from theaters by tomorrow.

Doobious Sources:   Stoner buddies want to be journalists.  Frankly, the media's already smoking stuff.

Saving Banksy:  A documentary about collecting art and please tuck me in now.

Split:  A man with 23 distinct personalities.   Isn't he being inaugurated today?

Dinner last night:  Homemade beef vegetable soup.                   

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