Friday, February 3, 2017

Ground Mug Day

This month I am including the actual crime...some of them so weird that they are worth mentioning.
 Arrested for attacking herself with a sword.
 Substitute teacher caught selling narcotics to her students.
 College professor caught taping sexual encounters with his students.
Yet another member of college academia caught having sex with a student.
Broke into a u-Haul to save a rabbit.
 ROTC instructor caught having sex with his students.
 Threw her infant out of the car window into the woods.
 Kept 44 rats, 16 horses, 8 dogs, and one cat in her house.
 Regularly inhaled nitrous oxide with her child.
 Raped a boy at knifepoint.
 Arrested for regularly burying puppies alive.
Pledged on his Facebook page to kill Trump on Inauguration Day.

Dinner last night:  Chopped salad.

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