Friday, February 17, 2017

Your Weekend Movie Guide for February 2017

Do these two guys think they can see something here?   Yes, it's the same shot of Marilyn Monroe getting subway air blown up her ass circa 1955.   

And, speaking of hot air, I guess we're all waiting for the Oscars and the ad nauseam preaching we will get from winners, hosts, seat fillers, etc..  If Hollywood was so concerned about the public, how about coming out with some decent new stuff in February?  You know the routine, folks.   I'll sort through the movie pages of the LA Times and give you my knee jerk reaction to the crap out there.

Maybe you should just tape "The Seven Year Itch" next time it pops up on TCM.

Fifty Shades Darker:   Hollywood's diversity push?

20th Century Women:   Had Oscar buzz, but fizzled out like a bad firecracker on July 5.

The Founder:  Blog review coming.   The fries need salt.

Lion:   Been meaning to catch up to this.  I haven't.  The fact that I haven't made it a priority might be noteworthy.

The Comedian:  Because Robert DeNiro needed to make a movie last Tuesday.

A United Kingdom:   I know one thing.  It's not about the US/

I Am Not Your Negro:   I'll keep that in mind.

La La Land:   See it before it wins Best Picture next week.

Fences:  Avoid it before it doesn't win Best Picture next week.

Moonlight:   Most likely candidate of  two that could unseat La La Land.

Manchester By The Sea:   The other likely candidate of two that could unseat La La Land.

Kubo and the Two Strings:  I'll wait for the one with three strings.

The Red Turtle:  I wait for the one that's blue.

Hidden Figures:   Well done and I hear they are taking kids in class trips to see it because of the math and science angle.

Paterson:   I saw it and reviewed it here.   My sleep pattern hasn't been the same since I took a nap through it.

Elle:   Comes after K and before M.

Arrival:   Any Adams got snubbed and rightfully so because this movie is dead on....

Hacksaw Ridge:   This movie must be really, really good if Hollywood nominated Mel Gibson for Best Director.

A Dog's Purpose:   Dog reincarnation.   Probably produced by Shirley MacLaine.

Rings:   I hated doing them in gymnastics class.

The Space Between Us:   In a NY subway, there's not enough.

The Lego Batman Movie:   I know some grown adults who actually saw this. Well, actually, I used to know them.

Split:   Child abduction by the guy who did "The Sixth Sense."   Always count on a creepy twist in his movies.

Why Him?:  What half of the country is thinking right now.

XX:   O.   I just blocked you.

In Dubious Battle:  A battle between California apple growers.   Yep, seriously.

The Great Wall:   Matt Damon and the erection of the China Great Wall.   Yep, seriously.

Ghost of New Orleans:  Note to all---Mardi Gras is late this year.

Fist Fight:   Another comedy from Ice Cube.   I'll wait till it melts.

American Fable:   A man is held hostage in a silo.   And forced to watch Fist Fight.

Dinner last night:  Penne with homemade meat sauce.

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