Thursday, May 18, 2017

And Here's Three Things Bothering Me...

Because it's okay to bitch once in a while.  And, speaking of bitch, let's start with the one above.

I was heartened to see this advertisement on a bus stop because, at last, somebody is calling out this 78-year-old political fraud who epitomizes everything wrong in Washington these days.

Because of all her anti-Trump rhetoric of late, this disgusting woman, inexplicably elected by her district for many years, has become a bit of a folk hero especially to millennials who are dumb to begin with.   She's getting a lot of attention because of this and I wonder why.   Has no one looked into her own record which is borderline criminal in the first place?   Does anybody remember that she actually defended the thugs who beat that poor truck driver back during the 1992 LA riots?  Is there a single soul that can't see past this old crow?

In the past week, I spoke to two friends who actually live in the Congressional district she represents.  Both have had reason to try and contact her office for assistance.   They are still waiting to have their requests answered.   Indeed, Maxine Waters is emblematic of every elected official we have today.  They don't care about you on any day that's not Election Day.

Her nonsense and prattle these days is not helping America.  In fact, she has set race relations in this nation back sixty years.   The sooner we are rid of this piece of shit in a Diahann Carroll wig, the better.
I have a little less venom reserved for Jessica Mendoza, but not much.   Her work as a baseball analyst for ESPN (which features the worst coverage of the MLB, by the way) has single handedly re-acquainted us all with mute buttons.

Now, before you think I am prejudiced about female baseball announcers, you are wrong.   If you're somebody like the Yankees' Suzyn Waldman and you've put a lot of hard work in the trenches, then I salute what you do for Yankee radiocasts.  But this idiot's main claim to fame is that she played softball.   Yes, softball.   So, when she explains to me what Kris Bryant's approach to hitting is, I say..."how the fuck do you know?"   Most of the time, however, Mendoza adds such clever insights as...

"Gee, there's a lot of energy in this ball park tonight?"

"That Derek Jeter was a great shortstop."

"This team really wants to go to the World Series."

Genius.   Let's face it.   You know and I know why she got the gig.   There's a Z in her last name.   And that's the sort of reverse racism offered by Maxine Waters. You see how this all ties together?
Okay, this might not mean much to you but I have a renewed hatred for the Colorado Rockies.   Oh, nothing personal against the players.   But, last weekend, after watching yet another series where the atmosphere and the air around Denver contributed to making an aberration of a perfectly good sport, I wonder again why MLB ever awarded a franchise to this city.   

The altitude and dimensions in Coors Field there results in football-like scores, the destruction of pitching arms, and statistical glitches that make a mockery of the usual consistency of baseball.   I see no purpose in this franchise even existing.  I mean, most of the people are just waiting for football season anyway.  I doubt the fan base will even notice if the Rockies disappeared.  Half of them are light-headed to begin with.   The rest are too stone on legalized pot.  
Oh, wait, they're smoking it for medicinal purposes?   Don't get me started on that scam.   I'll gripe about that another time.

Dinner last night:  Angel hair pasta with tomatoes and olives.

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