Friday, May 19, 2017

Your Weekend Movie Guide for May 2017

Now this is luxury movie going.  I note this because, just recently, one of these theaters opened up right near my Yonkers, New York residence.   It's part of the growing iPic chain.   Actually there's one here in Los Angeles near me but I have yet to sample it.  Now, originally, the theater back east was supposed to be part of Robert Redford's Sundance chain but they must have gone belly up.   Their outlet in West Hollywood just flipped to AMC.   Poor Bob.

Well, anyway, these are the types of theaters where you can eat and drink at the seat.   The chair reclines.   They give you a blanket.   And, indeed, once you start watching the fare on the screen, a good nap is sure to follow.   What will you be dozing through this weekend?   You know the drill, gang.   I'll zip through the movie pages of the LA Times and give you my gut reaction to the Sominex dispenser near you.   

It sure does look comfy.

Paris Can Wait:  Some sappy romance with Diane Lane.  Probably intriguing to a bunch of my friends who suddenly want to move to the City of No Deodorant.

Snatched:   A chick-focused comedy with Amy Schumer and somebody vaguely looking like Goldie Hawn.   I can't tell through all the Botox.  I think I prefer to remember her the way she looked in "Foul Play."

Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2:  I watched the first one on a plane and hated it.   So, you do the math on the sequel.

King Arthur - Legend of the Sword:  I hate most medieval things.   This movie is likely including in that mix.

Norman - The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of A New York Fixer:  It stars Richard Gere and, by that title, we can't be sure this isn't a veiled biopic of Donald Trump.

The Lovers:  Answering the question of "whatever happened to Debra Winger."

The Dinner:  Two couples discuss life at an upscale restaurant.  Check, please.

The Lost City of Z:   Will I understand it if I missed the movies about the Lost Cities of A through Y?

Chuck:  Liev Schreiber as boxer Chuck Wepner.  Eight, nine, ten....

Their Finest:  Previously reviewed.   You will like this comedy...yes, comedy...about London during the bombing of World War II.

Gifted:  Heard good things.   Never saw it.  Shit happens.

Beauty and the Beast:  Finally ran my blog review the other day.   You do know that it was once a cartoon?

How to Be a Latin Lover:  You know that Trump secretly ordered a screening of this, right?

The Fate of the Furious:  There have been more films in this franchise than there are versions of a health care bill.

The Boss Baby:   You're fired.

A Quiet Passion:   From the trailer, that quiet will be ruined by my snores.

Alien - Covenant:   Because everything previously made is new again.

Devil's Domain:  It's about cyber-bullying.   Unfollow.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Long Haul:  About hiding from the Nazis...oh, wait, wrong diary.

Everything, Everything:  A girl in a plastic bubble longs for romance.   And did this not once star John Travolta?

The Wedding Plan:  An orthodox woman looks for a groom.   Honey, you shouldn't have booked the reception hall first.

Paint It Black:  The Maxine Waters Story?

If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast:  A documentary about some 90-year-old show business legends like Carl Reiner, Dick Van Dyke, Mel Brooks, Betty White, and Norman Lear.   Large popcorn, please.

Dinner last night:  Shrimp Po'Boy sandwich at Bubba Gump.

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