Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Moron of the Month - May 2017

It's only the second day of the month but sometimes stupidity is so strong that you just know that it will beat all comers for the next 29 days. 

Our moron for May is the slob on the far left.  Some jerk named Roberto Hernandez, which sounds like a name you would see in a baseball box score. Unfortunately, this clown is prominently in the front pages of the newspaper and not the back.

Yesterday was May 1 and, if you did not know, it was officially "A Day Without Immigrants."  You may not have noticed if your housekeeper is off on Mondays.  Or maybe you didn't have your car washed.  Well, anyway, El Tubbo above was the community activist (translation: not qualified to do much of anything else) who spearheaded this initiative.  The objective of the day was for all immigrants not to go to work.  Ha, ha, we'll show you what happens when you deny the immigrants of this country any rights.  We can shut you down quicker than Mariano Rivera in the top of the ninth.

I didn't notice any inconvenience yesterday.  Did you?  And, indeed, if the goal of the mission was for all immigrants to stay home, then effectively we all could.  Because essentially we are all immigrants in one way or another either directly or indirectly.  And most of us got here legally.  I have no friends at the moment who came to America wedged between the spare tire and a jack in the trunk of a car.

Okay, I'm not a proponent of walls or anything else the President is selling to curb the influx of illegals.  Hell, I live in California.   I could go out to the super market for a container of milk and see probably a half dozen of them before I even hit the checkout line.  That said, I also think immigration reform is long overdue in this country and acknowledge that it's a more complicated issue than the one laid out by the asinine Democrats and Republicans who control this country.

Please do not compare immigration to the days when my grandparents and yours came to this country via Ellis Island.  It is very, very different in 2017.   Our ancestors came here and immediately worked hard to assimilate themselves in the new surroundings.  Learning the language to start.  These days, not focusing on English as a language is welcomed and often encouraged. No one should forget their roots.   Well, if the country they left is so fucking great, why the hell are they here?  Huh?

Now back to the asshole in the picture.  I saw a lot of press from him last week as he publicized the special day.   He kept talking about the poor and hard working lettuce picker of California.   Hey, I've got nothing against them.   I love salad.  But, yes, some of them are illegal and did not follow the necessary rules to work and live in America.   If they are so hard working, why didn't they do what was required?   And meet the qualifications that virtually every country on the planet Earth has for immigration.  This should be a no-brainer given the United States probably has the most lax rules on the same planet Earth.

While Hernandez was busy yapping around town, I couldn't help but note perhaps the real reason for the day.   It was a Monday.   Three day weekends are the best, aren't they?  Okay, you may think that I'm being cynical.  A reporter asked him the same thing and Fat Pig had an answer.   They wanted it to coincide with May 1, just like they did the first time they tried "A Day Without Immigrants" six years ago.   I looked it up.   That was also a Monday.

If Trump gets his way and deports like crazy, I will not be a happy American. But I will also hope that Roberto Hernandez has an exit number in the single digits.

Dinner last night:  Chopped antipasto salad at Rocco's.

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