Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Sights and...well, Two Sounds of Opening Day 2013

 Life has begun again.  If you're a baseball fan, you know the feeling.  Your existence has hit the reset button.  Things are looking up again.  Your team is back in action.  Whether it was in New York, where the Yankees and Mets both had their home openers on the same day for the first ever, or in the town where your favorite team plays.  You feel renewed.  You feel refreshed.

You are back home.  As I was yesterday for the Dodger 2013 season opener vs. those idiots from San Francisco.  In a fifty-plus year old ball park that suddenly looks new, thanks to mega-renovations over the winter.  But, despite the fresh paint and all the new do-hickeys, the charm of Chavez Ravine still does not escape you.  

Like an old friend, you welcome it all back.  Here are some of the things I enjoyed yesterday.  And, perhaps, you did the same in some baseball cathedral where you worship 81 days a year.  The snapshots below were taken by me.  Or, in some instances, my season ticket plan partner Brent.  Enjoy it all as over 53,000 did at Dodger Stadium.
Some of the new signage around the facilities.  All drawing upon the traditional shape of the Dodger scoreboards that have towered over the park since 1962.
The Dodgers have always been known for their landscaping.  Here you see lots of new flowers freshly planted into the soil.
On all levels, including my own loge, two rows of seats in the back have been removed to widen the concourse and provide places for fans to congregate.
Or sit at a counter to enjoy your lunch in a spot other than your own seats.
All over the park, you won't miss a pitch thanks to these new flat screens.  Obviously, Magic Johnson made a Best Buy run back in January.
And Magic obviously stopped at Home Depot as well.  Lots of new overhead lights.
While they renovated and restored the stadium, they wisely didn't do a thing to the staff.  Here's our wonderful usher, Richard, back for another season to endure my constant insults.  There's no nicer guy on the planet.
Magic also dropped his credit card to buy lots of new overhead speakers.  The one lone quibble of the day?  The volume should be adjusted so eardrums remain intact.
Say amen.  The horse troughs in the mens' rooms have finally been replaced by urinals manufactured in this century.  The ugly green floor tile has been replaced by a blue and white mosaic. 
 The view from my seat for the National Anthem.  
The new scoreboard and video screen are jammed back with information and keep the historical shape from 1962.  They were very bright in the afternoon sunshine.  I can only imagine how vibrant they will look during night game.

And, of course, what would a baseball game be without the seventh inning stretch?

Oh, yeah, there was a game.  Clayton Kershaw was masterful with a complete game shutout.  He broke a scoreless tie leading off the bottom of the eight inning with an almost inexplicable homerun.  A terrific performance from the Dodger lefthander in a game that had been opened by the first pitch from another Dodger lefthander.

Just another day in the life of this baseball fan?  

Umm, not really.

Dinner last night:  Salami sandwich and salad.

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I don't see it here, but I like your description of Opening Day as your Christmas.