Thursday, April 7, 2016

Morons of the Month - April 2016

How many more months do I have to do this?   Well, I guess all months up to November 2016.   And, frankly, beyond.   Because as this wonderful on-point signage says..."Everybody sucks."

Never has there been a Presidential election that is so screwy and scary as the one we are in currently.   For both sides.  Our choices are none and none.   No need to mention slim.   That's not even an option.

Indeed, the rabid in-fighting...on both an indicator of where we have fallen as a nation, thanks to reality TV, social media, and a general decline of freedoms.   America is frankly loaded with malignant tumors...on both sides.   We're beyond chemotherapy, folks.   It's just a matter of about ten or twenty years before this place is no longer recognized by the founding fathers.

Never has this country needed my ideal candidate more than today.   America can no longer sustain the taffy pull from the extreme sides of the aisles.   We need somebody right in the middle.   Fiscally conservative.   Socially liberal.   The last guy who was even close to that combination was John F. Kennedy.  (Yes, you liberals who don't look past Rachel Mancow on MSNBC, JFK was a fiscal conservative.)   Well, there is nobody like that.   On both sides.   And, sadly, Kennedy never got out of that limo intact.   


Since then, there has been a steady decline of talent in the White House.

LBJ.   He tried to be the worst attributes of both parties and failed.

Nixon.   Brilliant statesman.   But complete nutjob.

Carter.  Fail.

Reagan.   Republicans love to talk about his glory days.   Well, that was over thirty years ago and, when you watch reruns of Johnny Carson from the 80s, you know that things weren't so perfect with this clown either.

Bush I:   Out of his element.

Clinton:  Smart guy who ran the nation but couldn't figure how to keep a trouser zipper closed.

Bush II:   Out of his element on steroids.

Obama:   A marketing plan/guilt trip that never should have been elected.   If somebody with so little experience had run on the Republican ticket, they would never have been elected.

The slippery slope has gotten steeper and slicker.

Trump.   A complete and utter lunatic whose political views are not even known.  

Cruz.   Scary.

Kasich.  As close to the center of any of them, but virtually devoid of any personality.

Hillary.   As big a felon as Nixon.   And, no, we should not elect somebody with little experience just because it's a woman.  

Bernie.  A raging lunatic who will be 75 years old on Election Day.  Any person who thinks he's cool has never ever read a book on American history.

So one of these five will likely be our next President unless a political Messiah comes.   Maybe JFK isn't really dead and actually is living on one of Onassis' old yachts in the Mediterranean like the rumors used to tell us.  But, barring that impossibility, the answer is...

Well, there is no answer.   But there is a question.

How much more fucked up will we get?

Morons?  Most certainly, these five qualify.   But, frankly, the real culprits here are those of us who allowed it all to happen.

Look in the mirror, everybody.

Dinner last night:  Leftover chicken sausage and pickled beets.

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