Friday, April 22, 2016

This Month's Discards from the Sears Portrait Center

 This woman wandered in from another family.
 Somewhere in this world, people are amused by this photo.
 "I better not catch you in gym class, kid."
 Kindergarten Kid of the Month.
 PS, Jesus did not wear pants.
 "I swear to God.  She's yours."
 I wonder what her profile picture looks like today.
 Ironically, they are not wearing masks.
 When you can't get enough plaid.
 Available most Saturday nights.
 Okay, for starters, the bathing suit doesn't work with the winter backdrop.   And, who thinks this could be a boy?
Things changed when Grandma started to date a crash dummy.

Dinner last night:  Thai chopped salad.

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