Friday, April 15, 2016

Your Weekend Movie Guide for April 2016

Here's a relic from the waning days of the glorious Radio City Music Hall.   Usually, you didn't have to oversell the movies that played there.   But, in this case, they were really pushing the envelope in the ads with the excerpts from the critics.   

Indeed, you can never properly figure out how to pick a movie to see these days.   There have been some that were lauded by the reviewers and I hated them.   Others were panned by the critics and I loved them.   Go figure.   It will be the same this weekend with the fare at our local multiplexes.    There might be a gem here or there.   Most will suck.

You know the drill, gang.  I'll wander through the entertainment pages of the Los Angeles Times and give you my gut reaction to the junk out there.  You probably can trust me more than you can some reviewers.  Just sayin'.

Batman V. Superman - Dawn of Justice:   How to ruin two comic franchises with just one movie?

The Boss:   Three words that I always seem to use together.   Melissa McCarthy pass.

Born to Be Blue:   It's about jazz legend Chet Baker, not Tommy Lasorda.

Midnight Special:  Don Kirshner?   Um, no.

Zootopia:  I hear this Disney cartoon actually has a lot of adult inside humor. Just like Bugs Bunny used to.

The Witch:  Bernie Sanders tells me this is a documentary on Hillary Clinton.

10 Cloverfield Lane:  Reviewed here recently.   Quite a rollicking time at the movies.

Miles Ahead:  Don Cheadle overacting one more time...this one as Miles Davis.

Miracles from Heaven:   It stars Jennifer Garner and she might consider one of them her divorce from that lummox Ben Affleck.

Louder Than Bombs:   That would be...again from Bernie Sanders...Hillary Clinton.

London Has Fallen:   And can't get up.

Kung Fu Panda 3:  Damn, I missed two already?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2:   The word "why" comes to mind.

Hello, My Name is Doris:   Reviewed here last Tuesday and I want you to remember every word I wrote.

Hardcore Henry:  It's playing everywhere and I have no idea what it is about.

I Saw The Light:   All about country singer Hank Williams.   Spoiler alert: he's dead at the end.

Everybody Wants Some:  Blog review coming.  Here's a hint.   Lots of fun.

The Divergent Series - Allegiant:  Like I said last month, Allegiant sounds like a sinus remedy.

Demolition:  A husband goes nuts when his wife is killed in a car crash.   Did he forget to send in the life insurance premium?

Deadpool:   More action nonsense easily ignored.

Barber Shop - The Next Cut:  And they say there are no roles for Black actors?

The Adderall Diaries:  Who is Adderall and why do we want to read them?

The Jungle Book:   Spoiler alert: Neither Sabu or Phil Harris are involved in this.

Hostile Border:   According to Donald Trump...

Eddie The Eagle:  All about skiing.   Perfect to see in the middle of the spring.

Mr. Right:   Starring Anna Kendrick, which means I will see it at some point.

Eye in the Sky:  Blog review coming.  You will like it.  The review and the movie.

Risen:  Easter is over.  Next...

Bill:   All about William Shakespeare's lost years.   Which happened to coincide with those high school years where I had to read his stuff.

Dinner last night:  Bacon frittata with cheddar and pecorino cheese.

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