Thursday, June 1, 2017

Moron of the Month - June 2017

This is some skank named Lauren Duca and she is way over overqualified to be our monthly Moron.   This chick is probably one of the most reprehensible idiots on the face of the earth.   And, sadly, she is apparently a graduate of my alma mater Fordham University.   Jeez, the quality of graduates sure has plummeted.

I actually became aware of her via Fordham's alumni magazine and I was moved to do some research on her as she was touted as one of the nation's hottest new journalists on the scene.   Award winning, I read.   Okay, I am curious.

It didn't take me long to discover that this empress has no clothes.   Talk about building something out of complete nothingness.   Mainly because she knows how to tweet.

Now, as you know, I am largely centrist and also like to avoid politics in this manic-depressive bi-polar nation that we live in.    But, as I dug into this clown, I was appalled by her behavior and her fame.   Here's somebody who, obviously from the left side of the mayhem, actually tweeted a photo of Air Force One crashing in flames.   Ugly, nasty, and inexcusable.  

Now, okay, we do have freedom of speech (at least right now) in this land, so Ms. Duca is enlightened to say whatever she wants.   I sure do here on these blog pages.   But what distresses me is the reaction to her work.   She writes blatantly slanted pieces in magazines.   Her fame arose in part from a piece entitled "How Donald Trump is Gaslighting America" for the Huffington Post, which has never been known as the most fair and balanced publication in America.  Yet, she is lauded in large part to her shameless self-promotion.

And called a journalist.    

Folks, Lauren Duca is not a journalist.   Not even close.   And, just because her opinions might match yours, that doesn't make her one.

Of course, Lauren Duca is just one more malignant tumor in the larger cancer that is destroying America.   There is no longer any place in the media where you can really get the unbiased look at any issue.

Let's review the options these days.

Sean Hannity?  Not a journalist.

Tucker Carlson?  Not a journalist.

Rachel Madcow?  Not a journalist.

Chris Matthews?  Not a journalist.  A raging alcoholic, yes.

Charlie Rose?   Hardly a journalist.

Anderson Cooper?  Not a journalist.   He was caught on camera rolling his eyes while talking to somebody from the conservative side.

Neither are Robin Roberts, George Stephanowhatever, Matt Lauer and anybody else who works on those morning shows which are basically nothing but promotional sites for whatever movie is opening this Friday.

Dan Rather?  I know he bloviates on-line because I have friends who share his words on Facebook.   Not a journalist.   Maybe he was one back in the day before he took a knock to the head during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

There's nobody, gang.   We long for the days when somebody like Walter Cronkite or Harry Reasoner gave us the real picture.  Oh, sure, sometimes a little commentary or opinion slipped in.  But, you still got both sides and could make your own conclusion from the facts.   Not today.   When some pompous trash like Lauren Duca calls anybody not agreeing with her a troll.  

It even seeps into other reporting.  I notice a lot of young sportswriters on-line openly shilling for one team over another.   Horrific.  It's a matter of time before we get biased weather reporting.

"This hurricane is not the result of weather conditions, but Congress' failure to act on the last global warming bill."

People like Lauren Duca are the future of this nation and that's why it is completely doomed.   Frankly, if they start deporting folks, I hope most of the refugees can stay.   It will be the likes of Lauren Duca who should be thrown out of here on their ears.   

Frankly, I'd simply like her to crawl back up the dog's ass she was originally shit out of.

See, I can be reprehensible and appalling, too.

Oh, and in one of her articles, she actually used the word "learnt."   Fordham professors should have taught you better than that, Stupid.

Dinner last night:  Bacon BBQ chopped salad.


Puck said...

If that's what Fordham is producing these days ... eesh.

One disclsimer: hannity, Carlson, Madcow and the other hosts of evening talk shows on cable aren't supposed to be regarded as journalists, They are hosts of evening talk shows that revolve around news, and some are more entertaining than others. None are journalists (though I agree that Chris "Tingles" Matthews tries to pass himself off as one.

Len said...

I agree that they are all pundits, but, at the same time, they are all on networks that have the word "news" in their branding. Rachel Madcow is actually the biggest offender in misprepresentation.