Thursday, June 15, 2017

Restaurant Shout Out of the Month - June 2017

Welcome to my new monthly feature on this blog.   And I stumbled into it.  

A good friend of mine have started a monthly adventure to have lunch out at some place we have always heard about but never sampled to date.  Luckily, in Los Angeles, you have a wide choice of hidden dining treasures to choose from.

So, the latest stop was Langer's Deli conveniently located in the heart of the city's most impoverished neighborhoods.   Seriously, this is clearly one of the poorest sections around with many homeless folks living in MacArthur Park across the street.   Yes, MacArthur Park is melting in the dark...and the light.  

After I parked my car, I witnessed a fist fight on the first block I walked through.  Then an old lady was having words with a shopkeeper.


And so and so forth.   The price one pays to sample a legendary restaurant that has existed for years.   The place is only open until 4PM.   Yeah, I wouldn't want to be around this area at night either.

I have heard about Langer's many times on those Food Network shows that go around to various eating establishments around the country.   Plus, on Phil Rosenthal's outstanding PBS food show, Langer's was a featured segment on the episode devoted to Los Angeles dining.

Now the menu at Langer's is, as you would expect, loaded with all sorts of typical deli fare.    But, as I also learned on Phil's show, the big attraction there is one singular item.  

The #19 Sandwich.

Yep, it's the big seller there.   And, when you look at the components, it seems like it's done all before.

Pastrami.  Swiss Cheese.  Cole Slaw.  Russian Dressing.  On rye bread.

Chances are you may have had something like this previously.

Well, I, of course, had to try the #19.  And, as a result, I Tweeted a big thank you to Phil Rosenthal when I got home.
The way these elements came together on my plate were absolutely miraculous. No single taste overtook the others.  It all blended seamlessly to what was likely the best sandwich I ever had in my life.  

Now you would think that, with all this stuff on the sandwich, it would fall apart in your hands.   Nope.   It held together from first bite to last.

The secret to the #19 is the rye bread that Langer's bakes itself.   The process is called double baking.   And the result is a density that also is complimented by a crispy crust.  As a result, the pastrami and the slaw and the dressing is anchored together.   I don't know how they do it, but it is sheer magic in your mouth.

If I go back to Langer's again, I would be hard pressed to order anything else from the extensive bill of fare.   It's #19 all the way for me.

Now if only I could go there without worrying about my car being stolen.

Dinner last night:  Sandwich and salad.

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A good friend of mine AND I have started......

Another interesting feature to look forward to. Double baked bread is something I've never heard of. Do they deliver?