Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sewer Express

Last Election Day, I must say that I was not proud of my decision to not vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.   Today, however...

Maybe I took the easy way out.   Or perhaps I just didn't want to waste my cherished American privilege on the two worst Presidential candidates ever presented to the country.  And it turns out I was right as rain.

So, as I expected, the wagons are circling around Trump since assholes like the vile and disgusting Maxine Waters committing their lives to getting him impeached.  Who knows?  Maybe the Donald did all those things he is accused of by Democrats and the wonderful news media.  As soon as he was elected, I knew he had a shelf life that was about half that of a container of skim milk. Sure, he's probably corrupt but find me a politician who isn't.

Personally, I think Trump is a piece of shit but no less of a piece of shit than Obama was or the second Bush was or Clinton was. They are all, in their own significant ways, trash.  All I would have to show you is my medical bills from the last three years to demonstrate what a mess and an elitist pig Obama was.   

But you can't say that in this world where you will be chastised for your opinions if they don't match up precisely to the words spit out by the media. And, of course, you are a racist or hate women or gays or anybody who owns a Cocker Spaniel.  I literally have friends who listen to every thought spewed by that ugly prune face Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity whose Chapstick marks can probably be found on Trump's ass.  I am horrified by the lack of intelligent filters in people I know and respect.  I loved the discussion last week on Facebook about that so-called Paris accord on the environment.  Hand wringing abounded on social media.   I will venture to guess that ninety percent of the social media kvetchers had zero clue what was in the Paris accord in the first place.

Okay, gang, get with the program.   The far liberal concept of American life is unsustainable.   The far conservative concept of American life is unsustainable. When will we stop this wildly swinging pendulum of government?  No time soon, I lament.   And America has an inoperable tumor.

Very soon, the folks will have their way and Trump will be impeached, jailed, and maybe even shot at dawn.   There will be merriment in the streets.  Parties will be hosted.   Smiles will be all around.  People who generally would cringe at the old lynch mobs of the south will be gladly tying Trump's carcass to the front of a car and dragging it along a bumpy dirt road.  I have been saying that I know media outlets are champing at the bit to use clever headlines that play on the "You're Fired" gag.


But, indeed, if that tired dishrag Hillary had been elected, I would guess that same hysteria and opposition would have come from the opposite end of the spectrum.  Because, in reality, it's no different.  Just switch the prevailing talking points from blue to red ink.

So, if we wind up with a President that is forced to leave office in disgrace within the first year of the first term, people will see how easy that is to accomplish.   And it will happen over and over again through the remaining twenty or so years of American history.   It's like dipping into your 401K.   You don't want to do it and you hold off as long as possible.   But, once you do it the first time, it becomes easier to do again and again.

We're dead as a nation, kids.   Deal with it.  And, unfortunately, it didn't have to be this way.  But it all collapsed when simple civility became a lost art.

Dinner last night:  Asian chopped salad.

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