Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What's All This Fuss About Russia?

Everybody's talking about Russia.   It's like the egghead in the photo above is back to pound a new pair of shoes at the United Nations.

You would have to be in a medically-induced coma to miss all the goings-on here in America the past couple of weeks.  Democrats who are still kvetching about their loss in the Presidential election last November are working overtime to try and impeach the winning candidate from office.  It's setting up a disturbing precedent in this country.   Hey, our person lost the election?   Well, let's just figure out a way to get the winner impeached.  This will be the standard operating procedure in our once-great, now-mediocre nation moving forward.

Okay, I am predicting they will get the super-arrogant Trump eventually, even though they never will actually find a crime like they did for Nixon.  Unless they can find a tape that Trump erased for 18 minutes, the next big offense they likely will nail him for is putting an empty container of milk back in the refrigerator.

But they are right now focusing on Orange Donald's supposed ties with Russia, who apparently did some back-room shenanigans to doctor our national election.  Hell, the deposed FBI Director, James Comey, said as much last week in those hearings which giddy liberals in LA were watching in bars and taverns at 8AM in the morning! (There's another reason why we need to worry about this country)  Even though Comey is originally from Yonkers which is an automatic demerit in my book, I am guessing he is correct.   I would be shocked if Russia wasn't playing some big joke on the US.   Nyet nyet nyuk nyuk.  

I had to laugh, however, at the hysterical hand wringing over this revelation.   Oh, my Lord, our democracy!   We've been had!   Cover the ears of the children nearby!   


First of all, I'm not surprised that elections in this world, regardless of the nation, are not impacted by outside sources.  Is America that sanctimonious? Not only does it happen to us, but I would venture to say that we have done the same to others in our own history.  Elections are as clean as a whistle?   Oh, yeah, sure.  I'm sure the US has gotten involved to make sure some dictator in a South American arm pit of a country gets his comeuppance.  To be horrified at Russia's actions is to ignore our own perhaps sullied methods over time.

What's also comical is the actual accusation of collusion between Trump and Putin.  People act like this was all negotiated in a single phone call.   Puh-leze.   Russian operatives have probably been working on this project for years.   And when you think how vulnerable we were, please don't forget that a lot of that sinister engineering happened under the administration of not this Presidential asswipe, but the previous Presidential asswipe.   And maybe even the Presidential asswipe before him.  

Grow up, folks.  Get with the program.   This stuff has been in place for a while. But keep tuned into your favorite fake news channel because they will just keep telling you what you want to hear and believe.

Dinner last night:  Chicken tortellini.

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