Friday, July 7, 2017

An Extra Muggy July 2017 - Special Celebrity Edition

 Shia LaBoeuf.   Doesn't he have a whole collection of these photos by now?
 Unrecognizable Reese Witherspoon.
 The now-career-less Lindsay Lohan.
 James Cromwell.   Stretch Cunningham on "All in the Family."
Josh Brolin.   And wouldn't you want to be there if this stepmom came with the bail money??
Daryl Hannah.   Hope they caught the one who gave her the Botox injection, too.
 Tiger Woods.   Once idolized.   Now a complete fuck-up.
 Stephen Baldwin...and isn't there always one of them in prison?
Vito from "The Sopranos."
 Charlie Sheen.  Hardly winning.
 Woody Harrelson.   In his much younger days.
Bill Cosby and this photo never gets old.

Dinner last night:  Bacon wrapped Dodger Dog at the game.

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