Friday, July 21, 2017

Your Weekend Movie Guide for July 2017

In this scene from 1958's "The Blob," movie goers scramble to escape their local theater.   Is it because of a monster?   Or maybe the "healthfully air conditioned" machine broke down?

Frankly, in the hot days of July, any movie theater is good for a cool escape.   And that's regardless of what's playing.   You know the monthly drill, gang.   I will zip through the movie pages of the LA Times and give you my knee-jerk reaction to what's populating our cinemas.

As bad as the fare may be on the screen, just remember that it's "kool inside."

Wonder Woman:  Reviewed here the other day.   I didn't like it.  I must be a guy.

Spider-Man - Homecoming:  Is it me or have there been a dozen or so reboots of this just in the last decade?

City of Ghosts:  What my hometown of Mount Vernon, New York will be in about five years.

Lady Macbeth:   Only if I don't have to write an essay afterwards.

Baby Driver:  I hear good things about this heist movie.  I'll review it here as soon as I see it.

The Beguiled:  A crappy Clint Eastwood flick from the late 60s that somehow earned a remake.

The Little Hours:  Nuns go crazy.   Blog review coming.   Spoiler alert:  I'm a Protestant.

The Big Sick:  Blog review coming.   A hint: I was quite surprised by this movie.

War For The Planet of the Apes:  CNN vs. Fox.

A Ghost Story:   Paging Cosmo Topper.

Beatriz at Dinner:   I have no clue what this is, but it should be on a double bill with...

Maudie:   Get it?

Endless Poetry:  A title like that is no way to get me to see it.

Wish Upon:   Somebody realizes they have the ability to will people to their death.  PM me please.

Despicable Me 3:  Do I have to binge watch 1 and 2?

47 Meters Down:  Us vs. sharks....again.

Transformers - The Last Knight:  Squeezing the very last dollar.

Cars 3:   I lost interest after the first one.  Sorry.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets:  Way too much to say at the box office.

The Midwife:  Remember those?  People who do probably will be the only one in the audience.

Dunkirk:  Let's see how Christopher Nolan, who ruined Batman, messes up World War II.

Girls Trip:  Strictly for Black women between the ages of 35 and 44.  I am none of those.

Amnesia:  All about a German electronic music composer.   Personally I will forget I ever even mentioned it here.

Landline:   Remember those?   A family drama brought to you by MCI.

Who the $%#& is That Guy"  Documentary about a gay Puerto Rican teen who rose to become a record producer.   I am also none of those.

Swim Team:  Documentary about an autistic swim team in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.   If you insist.

False Confessions:  Isabelle Huppert as a wealthy widow who....oh, who am I kidding?

Dinner last night:  Hamburger.

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