Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Last Week:

Over Christmas weekend, I actually got two identical e-mails from two different readers. With the very same question.

"If you tell us every day what you had for dinner the night before, why don't you tell us what you got for Christmas?"

I can't believe anybody is interested. And, since I did a lot less feigning awe and wonder as I opened gifts this year, I'm actually proud to comply. Far be it from me to disappoint my revered readership. In no order of importance:

A bottle of wine.

"All Quiet on the Western Front" DVD.

"A Letter to Three Wives" DVD.

Valerie Bertinelli's newest book "Finding It." (I am such a tool and I have a friend who knows it.)

A gift card to the Arclight Cinemas.

A Barnes and Noble gift card.

A Dodger watch from Fossil.

A Dodger car flag. (This gets hung in my room due to low garage clearance.)

A book "Sixty Feet, Six Inches" by Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson.

A US Marine Corp mug by our weekend houseguest, my pseudo-nephew-Marine stationed now in Yuma, Arizona. Indeed, his presence here with my friends was a gift in itself.

"The Golden Age of Television" DVD collection.

"Grand Hotel" DVD.

"500 Days of Summer" DVD.

Tickets to the Eagles at the Hollywood Bowl in April.

Eight dance lessons. Yes, folks, this will be multiple blog entries for sure.

"High Society" DVD.

A Pearl Bailey long playing record album. Yes, this was a gag gift.

Three Pearl Bailey CDs. Not a gag gift.

A Rosemary Clooney CD collection.

A book on the Ed Sullivan Show.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Dinner last night: Crispy spicy beef at the Cheesecake Factory.


Anonymous said...

Which gift is your favorite?

Len said...

Ah, the gift of friendship.

Anonymous said...