Thursday, February 14, 2013

Facebook Krazy

Yeah, you could have fooled me.  This crept up on me in silence.  I never saw it coming.  Now I am simply road kill on the highway of virtual addiction.

Yes, I'm officially and probably hopelessly sucked into Facebook.

Two years ago, I viewed it all with disdain.  It would be a passing fancy.  Like that "My Space" thing which everybody joined for about five minutes.  I went onto Facebook reluctantly.   Mostly as a voyeur.  Let me look at all the embarrassing photos people will post of themselves.  And, boy, oh, boy, they sure do provide lots o'laughs.

But, the more I checked, the more I got intrigued.  Suddenly, photos of me were showing up there.  Not posted by yours truly, I assure you.  For me, there is only one acceptable photo in the universe and that adorns not only this blog every day but it's my only Facebook profile picture.  Yet, there I am, thanks to a "friend" I haven't seen in twenty years.  All of a sudden, it's 1987 and oh, I sure did have a cheesy moustache back in the day. 

Once I finally wound up as an "official" member, I accepted all invitations to be "friends."  What?  We haven't spoken in this century?  No worries.  Click, click.  You and I are "friends."  A few months later, I viewed these connections with a bit more discretion.  Er, no, we are not really "friends."  Click, click and ta ta.

So, I have a nucleus of about 150 or so "friends" and most really are.  The glories of Facebook have provided me with the opportunity to get re-acquainted with some grade school pals.  I might never have given them a second or third thought previously.  Now, I can't wait to see how they will react to my latest status update.

I start posting special blog entries on my Facebook page and have increased readership even more.   Self-promotion can be a good thing.  I feel like I am sharing a creative gift with my real friends and that they can see I am still a functioning human being.  Read on, please, by all means.

And that's been the other emerging development with moi and le livre de visage.  I used to watch folks post their activities. 

"Having a great red velvet cupcake at Sprinkles."

"Waiting for the Mexican to finish wiping down my SUV at the car wash."

"Oooh, bad sushi last night and this morning lots of diarrhea."

Why do I think I care?  Or, in the latter status, really give a shit??

But, thanks to the new Facebook Droid phone application, I find myself doing the same damn thing.   Okay, I don't exactly tell you the specific time when I'm doing my laundry.  But, I do use the "check-in" feature when I am out and about.  At the movies.  At Dodger Stadium.  Oh, look, there's Rob Reiner again going to the same baseball games I do because I can easily see his season seats from my own. 

Why do I think anybody else cares?  But, nevertheless, I now let you folks know where in the world Len is at this moment.

Maybe it's a feeling of connection.  Maybe it's a way of letting people know just in case something happens.   For instance, if nobody hears from me in a few days, perhaps there will be worry.

"Gee, he was at the Aero Theater two nights ago.  Or so his Facebook check-in said."

Maybe I am contributing to the growing trend of way too much information.  At the same time, it pleases me when I see friends...and I mean good and real ones...comment on my activities.  

In an odd way, there is a little less loneliness.

Yep, Facebook has done that.  So, yep, I am a fan.  Does this mean that I will be one of the lemmings to buy into their public stock?  Hell, no.  Because, in five years or so, there will be something else that sucks up our time like a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  And Facebook will go wherever old computer programs go to die their last cyber breaths.

In the meanwhile, I am here.  Embracing Facebook but, still, keeping it at arms length.  Using it for what is ideally its best use.

Connecting to lives.  Mine and others.

So, I'll post this very piece to my Facebook page and I will see that the cycle spins around one more time.

Dinner last night:  Had a big lunch so just a salad.

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