Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yay! I Finished Another Book - "Mugged" by Ann Coulter

Yeah, so what?  You want to make something of it??

Here's something that will pass off half of my readers.  I happen to like Ann Coulter.  I think she's smart, insightful, and fearless with sharing her opinion.  Truth be told, I don't always agree with her and there are some comments that, in my humble opinion, are cringe-worthy.  But I appreciate her because she can very clearly get her point across and do it in a style that's incredibly efficient and frequently hilarious.

Even better, she's a terrific writer.  "Mugged" is the second book of hers that I have read and it's a great read.  She takes on one of those topics that the mainstream media and the far left of our population like to ignore.  The fact that Black people have been used and abused by Liberals and Democrats.

What, you say???  Liberals and Democrats are legendary champions for the Black person in America.


Coulter shows with a detailed...and clearly footnoted...history that, until the Blue State party realized they offered a viable voting bloc for the future, the Black man was not a non-entity as far as they were concerned.  But, once they did make this discovery, they have done nothing but rewrite past history.  

And do their darndest to keep the Black family right where they found them.  At the bottom of the heap.

By their actions, Democrats and Liberals keep playing the race card until it's dog-earred and shabby.  Over and over and over, Coulter shows examples of how the left has worked overtime to remind the Black person that slavery still exists in America.  Even if the greatest strides have been made in the past fifty years. 

There are tales of the press being manipulated to show how the Black person is literally and figuratively beaten down at any opportunity.  Through lies and hoaxes precipitated by the likes of Al Sharpton.  Of course, quite a few pages are devoted to one of the great injustices of the past century.  O.J. Simpson's acquittal by a mostly-Black jury despite evidence that clearly demonstrated this scumbag had cut the heads off two people.

If the book sounds one-sided, of course, it is.  Coulter's got a viewpoint and, if you buy in, you think she's great.  If you don't, she is the devil woman and needs to be stoned in the village square.  Indeed, in America, there should be more than enough room for both sides of the argument. 

P.S., there isn't.  And I can attest to that.

I was reading Coulter's "Mugged" on a flight from Los Angeles to New York.  I really didn't give any thought to what others might think, so I certainly didn't hide the book jacket.  One of the flight attendants, who happened to be Black, walked past and noticed the cover. 

She sneered at me and shook her head. 

Would she have done so if I were reading "Dreams From My Father" by Barack Obama?  Definitely not.

And right there, Ann Coulter's point was proven all over again.  At 38,000 feet somewhere over Colorado.

Dinner last night:  Grilled Taylor Ham sandwich.

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