Friday, March 1, 2013

If I Tweeted - February 2013

I don't, you know.  But, if I did, there's what you might have heard in the 28 days of February. 

#LenSpeaks  The ground hog saw his shadow.  Four more years of Barack Obama.

#LenSpeaks  As a result, the ground hog was later interviewed on MSNBC by Rachel Maddow.  

#LenSpeaks  Viewers were confused and needed to be told which one was Rachel.

#LenSpeaks  Those people arguing for gun control might not have been on line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

#LenSpeaks  Everybody is worrying that the government will have to shut down.  But doesn't it do that every Saturday and Sunday?

#LenSpeaks  And at least one Monday a month.  Like, in California where Cesar Chavez Day is a state holiday.

#LenSpeaks  One year later and Whitney Houston is still dead.  

#LenSpeaks  I have no clue who anybody is at the Grammys.

#LenSpeaks  Apparently, my musical taste stopped around 1989.

#LenSpeaks  If the Grammys were smart and wanted to pull in ratings, they would stage a tribute to England Dan and John Ford Coley stat.

#LenSpeaks  RIP Ed Koch.  How ya doin'?  Okay, we won't ask.

#LenSpeaks  Bizzar-o moment.  I had to call the subscription desk of the Hollywood Report and they were closed because of the east coast blizzard.

#LenSpeaks  Trashing Vin Scully in his book, I now realize that Mike Piazza is as dumb as I had hoped he wasn't.

#LenSpeaks  Since Mike's memory is so conflicted these days, how can you believe that he didn't take steroids?

#LenSpeaks  If you have any friends in England, Matthew Crawley's death on "Downton Abbey" was the worst kept secret ever.

#LenSpeaks  NBC TV.  "Must See TV" is now "Must Flee TV."

#LenSpeaks  NBC offerings are still shown on American Airlines.  Even there, passengers are trying to change the channels.

#LenSpeaks  Welcome to health care in America.  Two prescriptions I bought in December: $39.  Same two prescriptions in Fenruary:  $207.

#LenSpeaks  Yesterday, I had meetings with two attorneys and a tax accountant.  Sounds like that needs a punchline.

#LenSpeaks  Tomorrow, I meet with two priests and a rabbi.  Now I know that has a punchline.

#LenSpeaks  Did anybody know what the word "sequester" meant a year ago?

#LenSpeaks  So Benedict is too pooped to Pope?

#LenSpeaks  The only thing this Pope will be remembered for is that he resigned. 

#LenSpeaks   Oh, I thought the host of this year's Oscars was Spanky MacFarlane.  Now that would have been an improvement.

#LenSpeaks  You could almost see the sweat forming on Seth's forehead.  

#LenSpeaks  I remember Barbra's face the way it was.

#LenSpeaks  The Oscars celebrated movie music history, but somehow confined it all to musicals produced by the award producers.

#LenSpeaks  They left Andy Griffith off the Oscar death roll.  I hope Ron Howard doesn't pay his dues for 2013.

#LenSpeaks  Meanwhile, I'm always a little sad when I watch the Oscar "In Memorium" and I don't see Alec Baldwin's name.

#LenSpeaks  I would have loved to see the media spin if Michelle Obama had opened up the Best Picture envelope and it was "Django Unchained."

#LenSpeaks  There must be an entire room in the White House devoted to housing her wigs.

#LenSpeaks  The best feeling in the world is the first time you hear Vin Scully's voice every spring.

Dinner last night:  Had a big lunch so just a sandwich.


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