Thursday, December 4, 2014

Morons of the Month - December 2014

Let's get this chore out of the way early this month.  I mean, it's the Christmas season and we don't need to think about the stupidity around us.  Especially since it's everywhere.

The big issue at hand the past month has been immigration.  It's suddenly a hot button.   Talk about closing the barn door after the horse has run out, completed a few races, and died.  Our, wait, make that your President because he's certainly not mine...has decreed from his throne some new laws that will allow this country to become even more of a cesspool than it really is.  

What, you say?   How can I be so un-charitable?  Especially during the holidays???

Well, easy.

Look around you.  This great country i...well, not so much anymore.  You press "3" to hear a message in English.  You watch as traffic jams increase from...let's face it...drivers who can't read the signs.   Or don't even have licenses.  Go to any supermarket or retail store or DMV or government office.   Stand on the extra long line and see who's holding it up.   Why, it's somebody who's struggling with the language.

And it's going to get worse, gang.

Look at the photo above. A nice wide-angle shot of our national leaders.   Scumbags each and every one of them.  Demo-fucking-crats.  Re-pubic-ans.  They all grapple with the issue of immigration and how to deal with this burgeoning problem.  All the while forgetting that the tenets that this country was built on have long since disappeared.

Give us your tired and your poor.  America was built largely on people coming here from foreign shores to make a better life in this democracy.  Fleeing poverty and Fascist leaders who liked to persecute this ethnic group or that religious following.  My own grandparents are in that mix.  Probably so are yours.  

I bet they assimilated into this country pretty well, right?  They learned what America was all about.  And, oh, yeah, they did their best to master the language that is spoken here.  

Ah, the good ole days.  In this century, you are allowed to embrace your mother tongue.  And, oh, yeah, if you want to keep speaking it, go ahead.  We'll adapt.  

Meanwhile, the United States of America, as our founding fathers created it, has perhaps another four or five decades before it turns to complete and utter shit.  

You can blame the President for his pronouncements but he's not the only guilty party.  Every other elected official is ignoring the obvious problem.   That it's been way overdue for our doors and borders to be closed.  Heck, we still can't handle the problems we've created for ourselves back in the 1800s.  Look at Ferguson, Missouri.

But, you see, neither political affiliation wants to do anything about it.  Why?  These are potential votes to be had.  Whole ethnic blocs that can make the difference on your next election day.   Who cares if they never learned how to read the ballot?  We'll count the votes anyway.

So, the circular swirl continues as America heads on its ultimate trip to the sewer.  A complicated issue is viewed as nothing more than an executive action that nobody bothers to stop.  Or even discuss.  

So, yes, there are lots and lots of morons this month.  All of them with the suffix that reads "elected official."

Here ends the grim blog entry of December.  Let's enjoy Christmas.   We might not have many good ones left.

Dinner last night:  Chopped steak and salad.


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Anonymous said...

Major co-conspirators in the heedless embracing of foreigners? American corporations. They don't want the votes. They want the bucks.

Read the labels on products. Many are now in Spanish.

Call your bank or credit card. They offer service in Spanish.

Look at billboards. I see them in Spanish, Russian, Korean, and that's just McDonald's!

We've become a bilingual country and nobody asked us if that was okay. It was forced on us by elected slimeballs and corporate slimeballs. It will get worse.

I hear foreigners every day not speaking English. I want to say, "You're in America, asshole. Learn English."