Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Awkward to You

My birthday's coming.   Please don't take any pictures.   I don't want to wind up on my own blog.
She's a good swimmer.
 What happens when you fight over the first piece of birthday cake.
 She's crying now?  Wait till she hits 40.
 Let's play "Pin the Tail on the Drug Dealer."
This birthday cake comes with the trifecta number at Belmont.
You wonder just how many of these number statues his parents have stashed in the garage.
That's not my daddy!
 It sucks even more when your birthday falls on Halloween.
 Yes, it is chocolate inside.
100 and the cigarette's probably unfiltered.
 101 and the cigarette is still unfiltered.
Hey, Daddy, that's my birthday toy!

Dinner last night:  Bacon and eggs.

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