Thursday, February 4, 2016

Morons of the Month - February 2016

I don't know about you but every time I hear that Bernie Sanders is still a viable contender in the race for President of the United States, I cringe.  Of course, I do that with all the candidates.   But my Sanders cringe is definitely more pronounced.

I mean, here's a guy who is an out-and-out Socialist living in what is and should be a capitalistic society.  His public service on a national platform is incredibly limited.   And the man will be 75 years old on Election Day 2015.   For those who rightfully argued that Ronald Reagan was too old to be President at the age of 69, I'd like to know where your voice is now.

And, beyond all of the above, Bernie Sanders is an unmitigated kook who rants and raves like your loony old uncle at Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Nobody usually listens to him.  How come people are listening to Bernie Sanders?

Sanders talks to a comic-book-like mentality.   There are good guys and there are bad guys.   The bad guys must be killed so the universe can be saved.  And all those arch villains with all the money must be eradicated immediately.

Hello?   Is anybody out there?  Knock, knock.

Bernie's plan to save the world has been viewed by most people with a 9th grade Economics education as ridiculous and unsustainable.   Yet, he presses on because his game plan is to get the youth of America on his side.   And this approach is sadly working.  Sanders, while still a raging lunatic, is indeed a genius.

The true morons are those young voters that find him so appealing.   They're the ones who grew on Marvel Comics, American Idol, and Reality Television. Their education in a now mediocre American school system allows them no knowledge that would help them get both sides of the story.  And their parents are too busy working or watching something Kardashian to help their kids get a balanced picture of what's going on.

Indeed, Sanders is really no different than any of the nuts running for President on both sides of the aisle.   But, Bernie worries just a little bit more because he is mixing with the future standard bearers of this country.   Twenty-somethings who are too naive to realize that there is no such things as a FREE college education.  These kids have no idea that there is a price to be paid down the road.  

Scared yet?

I am.

So, it would be easy to say that the Bernie Sanders youth are this month's morons.  But, guess what?   Those minds were painlessly easy to mold because they were largely left unattended by Mom and Dad.

Yep, the parents are the true February 2016 Morons.

And America gets just a little bit worse...

Dinner last night:  Sandwich and salad.

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