Thursday, July 28, 2016

Like Being Punched in the Stomach All Over Again

But, despite the title above, it's a feeling you might want to experience again. Because, from my vantage point, this was a moment in American history where everything started to change.

For the worse.

Most people will never forget where they were when the OJ Simpson trial verdict was announced.  And, on that very day, our nation became polarized for eternity.   Or as long as this country will exist as a free country.  My guess that is about fifty years.   It's hard to believe how much impact it had.  And all for a common murderer who was as dumb as a post and really only had one single talent in life.   He could run fast.

ESPN has put together this magnificent documentary and it is a must see, even if you think you heard it all about OJ and the trial.    Trust me, I learned so much.   The movie is really over seven hours long and would have been a really long sit when it was released in theaters about a month ago.   But, they have also sliced it into five 90-minute portions that are easy to digest on demand.

However you view it, do so.   You will be riveted and it is the ultimate binge watching experience.

No need to rehash the events of it all.   But, for the first time, you get an exhaustive and compelling look at all aspects of OJ and the subsequent trial and acquittal for two ghastly murders bet...he did commit.  Indeed, it is the first official playing of the race card in America and you will see how that all unfolded from key voices on the sides of both the prosecution and the defense.   Truth be told, OJ could have murdered five other people and he still would have gotten off.    

Film maker Ezra Edelman shows you in great detail how the past work of the LA Police and the Rodney King incident had a direct impact on letting this despicable human being out of jail.   Of course, the irony is that he wound up back in prison for a crime much less heinous.   The good news is that we are rid of this piece of shit for a good long time.

It's noteworthy that the race card got OJ free when he himself hated his own kind.   As you learn from the film, he was being driven away in a police car after being arrested at home.   He saw the throngs of his supporters lining the streets and was quoted....

"Who let all these ni%^ers in Brentwood?"

Learning every angle and facet of this case in this superlative film, you will meet some other despicable characters who are unfortunately still among us.   
For instance, Juror Carrie Bess, who admitted that she voted not guilty solely because of Rodney King.  Or a member of the defense team, Carl Douglas, who is the epitome of the sleazy lawyer.   Or some of the low lifes and dirt bags that like be around OJ because they...gulp...idolized him.

It's all there in this movie.  In black and white.   I guess the pun is intended.

Devote your time to this film.   Because it's as much a part of our American history as the drafting of the Constitution, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11.

LEN'S RATING:   Four stars.

Dinner last night:  Leftover London broil.

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