Thursday, July 7, 2016

Morons of the Month - July 2016

All that stuff happened a few weeks back in England.   Brexit, I believe they called it.   I must confess that I didn't really understand it all and I'm sure the issue was rather complex and way too advanced for most of our skill sets.   So, I asked a good friend who is a Brit for her take on it all and she still has family across the pond.   I got perhaps the most balanced perspective of the situation.

But not everybody has such a friend that they can call upon.   That, however, does not stop them from climbing onto the 2016 bully pulpit known as Facebook and beating their chest on what was right and/or wrong about the vote.  It must be a burden for all those people who jump at a moment's notice to share their political opinions.   Opinions, by the way, which are mostly formed by whatever propaganda they read or get from embedded e-mails via the likes of Fox News, Breitbart, Media Matters, Occupy Democrats, you name it. They're all the same and none of them are much different from the stuff Hitler spewed out in "Mein Kampf."

But that didn't stop a lot of folks from waxing philosophic on matters across the Atlantic with nary a speck of knowledge on the subject.   Trust me, the quickest route for me to start "unfollowing"you on social media is to for you to put up some stuff from...well...Fox News, Breitbart, Media Matters, Occupy Democrats, you name it.  Along with constant photos of your cat, there is no more likely topic that will get you removed from my daily timeline.

It was even more hilarious to read the #Brexit commentary when you stop to consider that our beloved country (and the voting populace) has provided us with the two most unqualified candidates for a Presidential election in the entire history of this nation.   We are and should be the laughing stock of the rest of the world.  

Let's face it.   There's Donald Trump, who has the mindset of a small hardware store owner who continually chases all the non-white kids from hanging around in front of his establishment.   Then there's Hilarity Clinton who, along with her husband, have committed enough crimes and misdemeanors to fill up two seasons of "America's Most Wanted."

Not that the also-rans were much better.  Ted Cruz who was just creepy.   And, oh yeah, the common man's pal Bernie Sanders.   Let me give you some insight on him.   In the week before the California primary, he and twenty members of his campaign staff dined at the hottest and most expensive new restaurant in Los Angeles.  Thousands and thousands of campaign donation dollars were spent to eat very high on the so-called hog.   How do I know this?   The chef goes to my church.

But that's the kind of bullshit people are backing.   And social media has just made it worse.   As a result, we have a country that is bi-polar and manic depressive.   We have two extreme sides and zero in the middle where we ideally need to be.  But, still, we're, oh so proud, of what we have to say.   Even if it's a country we don't even live in.

Unfortunately, there's no escape for any of us.   For instance, I pulled up to my church several weeks ago to find the building covered with Hilarity posters.   My loopy pastor had rented out the fellowship hall to the Clinton campaign for a week.   So, a house of worship isn't even immune.   By the way, the Clinton folks skipped out and have yet to pay the rent that was negotiated for their use of the facilities.  I'm just sayin'.

I guess the bi-polarity is here to stay.   Hey, you may not like what I have written today and it's your call whether or not you want to delete it.   Just like I have likely unfollowed you on Facebook.

It has to stop some place and at some time.


Dinner last night:  Chinese chopped salad.

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