Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Moron of the Month - August 2017

In an American ocean riddled with political predators, Maxine Waters just might be the great white shark.   Or, should I say, great black shark.  No, wait.  I better not.   That's the kind of comment that Maxine would use to call you a racist.

Hey, it takes one to know one.

Frankly, "Auntie" Maxine could be honored here as my monthly moron every thirty days for the next twenty years and it wouldn't be enough for me.   She is the absolute epitome of an uncaring and unresponsive member of Congress.   Sure, most of them are.   This old bag has to be the worst.

If you have lived under a rock (and that makes you lucky with regard to exposure to Ms. Waters), she's represented in the House the area that is mostly south central LA.   You know where all the riots were after Rodney King?   Yep, that would be Maxine's district.  Perfect, right?  Well, of course, she totally defended all that violence and mayhem back in 1994.  Maxine's words back then?

"If you call it a riot, it sounds like it was just a bunch of crazy people who went out and did bad things for no reason.   I maintain it was somewhat understand, if not acceptable.  A spontaneous reaction to a lot of injustice.   There were mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes...they are not crooks."

Uh huh.   Tell that to the poor unsuspecting truck driver who was beaten to a pulp at an intersection.   Did he undergo that brutalization because he had packages of Pampers in his cargo hold?

Maxine's been running that district since the early 90s.   Mostly a hell hole then and a hell hole now.  I hear from people I know who live in her district that she really only responds to constituents if the names "sound Black."  Her major objectives over the past twenty-five or so years has been to keep getting elected. The slob is 78 years old and still trolling around.  All she's really spending her time on these days is constantly yapping about the impeachment of Donald Trump.  And going to New Hampshire which prompts speculation of a possible Presidential run in 2020.   Um, God help us all.   Even if she was the model of a perfect politician, I wouldn't elect somebody who's over 80 years old!!!  Is this mike on?   Can you hear me?

Apparently, there's a good reason for Waters' long Congressional tenure.   The money is apparently good.  Lots and lots of ethics charges filed against her and her family over the years.  Look them up on Google.   You'll be reading for days. But the dough is needed because Maxine has to maintain a four million dollar plus home that's not even remotely in the district she covers.  Heck, the upkeep on those 150 or so Diahann Carroll wigs she always sports must be pricey all by itself.  (And don't you wish you could see what this bitch's real hair looks like?)

Now when she was confronted indirectly about this on some Fox News gabfest, she accused the host of being a racist.   What, Maxine countered?   A Black woman can't be successful in her business holdings?

Nobody said that, Stupid.  Heck, I would question why any politician of any color was living that high on the hog and not even in the district they're supposed to be in touch with.   But, naturally, racism is rampant in Maxine's world.  Yet, from everything I've heard, it's not exactly one sided.

So, as fate would have it, I got up close and personal to Maxine just the other day after I had already written the bulk of this "tribute."   I was on an American flight to JFK from LAX last Thursday and I was dumbfounded to see Waters boarding the same flight.

In first class, of course.  Where she was already having a smart adult beverage at 8AM!!!

So she was headed to NY?  Why?   That's not her office in DC.   Or back at home helping her constituents when she comes out of her mansion.

I already knew she was a jerk.   This all confirmed it.   

Look, I come from the prevailing opinion that most politicians are frauds.  I expect nothing.   When it comes to complete and utter abusers of society and democracy, I expect even less from the likes of Maxine Waters.  

Do they make a bug spray for somebody her size?

Dinner last night:  Meat pizza at the iPic Theater in Dobbs Ferry.                                    

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