Thursday, August 10, 2017

This Blog Brought to You By.....

Perhaps you have seen them if you have looked closely.   Scroll down to the bottom of this entry.

Yes, this is an advertisement attached to my content and it is part of a small experiment I am trying.

I have done this blog for ten years plus and have never attempted to monetize it.   But something happened last January that made me think....hmmm....

I can see the daily and weekly page views.   Starting at the first of this year, something must have happened behind the scenes at Google because page views went up astronomically.   Moreover, the entries with the greatest amount of play are those with comic photos or videos.   This is certainly not gratifying given those pieces that I write with great care and humor.  But, for whatever reason, I now have huge traffic because people like to see funny signs outside of churches or videos of dogs eating ice cream cones.

So, if they are coming because I built it, why not get a few coins for it?   Realistically, this is not going to be a 401K account.   The page views might pay for my groceries one week of the month.   Admittedly, I have tried to do this in the most inconspicuous way.  

So, yes, that is an ad you see and bear with me.  I will try it out for three months initially as a trail.   Let's see how it goes.

Dinner last night:  BLT sandwich at JP Cunningham's in Mahopac.

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