Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Grin and Bear It

It's amazing how you find yourself at a movie.

I had no plans to see the well-reviewed, but extremely graphic "The Revenant." Even though it was up for the Best Picture Oscar, too much advance word about disgusting segments managed to turn me off.

Then, on the night before it would eventually lose the Best Picture Oscar to "Spotlight," a good friend of mine called and said she had a spare ticket to those premium theaters where you eat dinner in a luxurious recliner while watching a movie.  

Of course, the tickets were for "The Revenant."

Um, eating while watching that graphic bear mauling scene?  I made a plan to wear my messiest clothes that I could puke on.  So, yes, I did go.

And, for a movie that I had no desire to see, I was pleasantly surprised.   And riveted the whole way through.   Was it the best film of the year?  Er, no.   I still think "Spotlight" deserved that Oscar.   But the story of "The Revenant" was so simple and yet amazingly captivating.

You probably know the plot.  Leonardo DiCaprio is in the wilderness with a bunch of pelt traders.   He gets the shit kicked out of him by a bear and is left to die.   He seeks revenge and then begins an arduous trek to find his enemy.   Along the way, he is chased by Indians, braves icy waters, rides a horse to its death over a cliff, and then sleeps inside the carcass for warmth.

Okay, admittedly, none of that is horrible compared to watching one of the Presidential debates.   But, despite the graphic nature of it all, my eyes were glued to the screen.   Maybe because I knew that the killer bear was really CGI and really a guy in a furry suit against a green screen.   In 2016, you suddenly become more blase about that kind of stuff because you know so much of what you see is concocted on a computer screen.

But, still, "The Revenant" held my interest.   That's testimony to the story which quickly enveloped me.   Sure, DiCaprio's performance is really nothing but a bunch of grunts and groans as if he's being given a 24 hour enema.  And, yes, the movie is probably about 45 minutes too long.    Yet, despite it all, I was glad I went.

By the way, those luxury cinemas are a hoot.   While reclining in a leather chair with a nifty proscuitto and argula flatbread sandwich, you can literally sit through anything.   

And, no, I didn't vomit.

LEN'S RATING:  Three stars.

Dinner last night:  Ravioli. 

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