Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hair Today, More Tomorrow

If I were a celebrity, this would be my major endorsement.

About two years ago, I was getting my hair cut with my terrific stylist Lisa.   As she was looking at the back of my head, I heard an ominous sound.

"Uh oh."

My nice head of hair was starting to get a little thin in one spot on the back. This was tantamount to being told I could never ever go to a baseball game again.   My chin hit my chest.  I was devastated.

But, wait, Lisa said.  She pointed me to the product shown above.   Nioxin 3 and the number corresponds to the type of hair I have.   Lisa said she heard good things about its ability to re-establish and re-vitalize follicles.   The crap is expensive, but there's no price for a bald spot as far as I am concerned.  

"Follow the directions just as they say on the bottle."

And this means you have to take some long showers.   Because both the shampoo and the conditioner each have to stay in for three minutes.   I may be contributing to the water shortage in Los Angeles, but I want hair back and I want it now.  I no longer want to be on that road to a Rudy Guiliani comb over.

I followed the procedure dutifully and wash my hair with nothing else.   I even add to the process by spraying a little of the Nioxin 3 scalp therapy add-on right after my shower.  

Well, it takes a while but my visit to Lisa just last week was the perfect testimony.

"Wow, Len, you've got all this new hair in the back."

So, there.   And I couldn't haven't done it without Lisa.   Or Nioxin.  I guarantee results.  

But I will not offer your money back if it doesn't work.

Dinner last night:  Sandwich.

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