Thursday, September 1, 2016

Please Explain to Me...

...why any average American citizen would donate money to any political campaign?  Seriously.  With all the worthy charities around, you want to throw your hard-earned money down the hole of a politician?

I remember when Obama was first running for President.  There was lots of talk about regular Americans committing to his cause by sending a dollar.  First of all, you know that story was complete bullshit and fabricated by the marketing group that works for all candidates.  And, if you are so moved to send one of these crooks some money, what good will that be for you in the future?   Do you really think that will allow you to call the White House and get the Chief Executive on the phone?

"Joe Schmo from Bumfuk, Indiana is on line one?  Oh, I better take that call because he sent me five dollars two years ago."

Or something like that.    All complete farce.

Do people think that their donations are going to be used to create posters or campaign buttons?   Um, maybe, but unlikely.  And I can give you one solid example of what your greenbackerinos are paying for.

One of the current Presidential candidates has a LA chapter that has been renting the facilities of my church.   Okay, first off, this is such a gross violation of church and state that I am appalled.  I'm going to tell you which campaign it is, but it's the one with the candidate that has bad hair.

Alright, they both have bad hair.  Maybe I should say it's the candidate that's a bit dumpy and overweight.

Again, poor choice.   They're both a bit dumpy and overweight.   Okay, it's the candidate that doesn't have a penis.   At least that we know of.

Well, their campaign workers have been regularly meeting at my church and, thus far, the rental checks have not bounced.  They leave a lot of calling scripts and pens around.   Plus some remnants of their meetings.

Beer bottles.

Wine bottles.

Liquor bottles.

Wow, it must be fun to be part of that campaign.   But I think of all the poor slobs who have donated money to this cause.   

One more time.   I am ashamed of the leadership and political system in this country.

Dinner last night:  Omelet with cheddar cheese and Taylor ham.   Side salad of cherry tomatoes.

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