Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Shame, Shame on You

Okay, a rare political rant and let me first tell you that I don't have a dog in this Presidential hunt.  Both candidates are despicable and an embarrassment.  If you're on one side or another, God bless you.  I don't dispute your choice to vote for either one.   At the same time, don't counter my right to speak freely.

As I will do now...

So, on Sunday morning, I made a rare excursion over to MSNBC to watch their replay of NBC's coverage on the morning of September 11, 2001.  About two-thirds of the way in, they had breaking news in the middle of 15-year-old breaking news.   Hillary Clinton had felt ill at the 9/11 memorial ceremony down in Manhattan and left early.  Fine.  No surprise to me, because it's obvious to most that she has health issues which we will never learn about just as we didn't know about FDR's polio, JFK's Addision's Disease, and Reagan's early stages of dementia.

Now I have heard that MSNBC was deeply in the tank for the Democratic candidate.  But it wasn't until I tuned in there that I learned just how much.   They used this breaking news moment to immediately start defending Ms. Clinton to all the claims about failing health.   It was astounding how a news organization so blatantly became a tool of a political campaign.  Especially when there was on the internet within an hour video of Clinton falling in the street and essentially being lifted into her van.  Then, several hours later, the Clinton people say she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.   What's the truth?   You'll never know from certain so-called news people.

And that brings me specifically to Andrea Mitchell, 69 years old and about twenty years away from the last true journalistic work she did.   Mitchell phoned into the anchor desk and was completely beside herself in defending Clinton.   

"She's fine."

"There's nothing wrong with her."

"She is the picture of health."

Uh, what, are you kidding?

Mitchell stumbled on her words constantly.   She was almost rabid in her defense and, all the while, I'm thinking...this woman is supposed to be an impartial news person.

Indeed, how incredibly myopic is my thinking?   Because, in reality, there is no such thing as unbiased news reporting today.  There are now no more facts, just opinions.   

How do smart people now ferret out what is valid and what is not?  It was this single moment on Sunday morning that made me discover just how bad journalism in America has gotten.   Who are the good and true reporters today?Please let me know.

I can tell you that this old hag Andrea Mitchell is not.  She is a disgrace.  But, then again, so are the rest of them as well.   

Shame on them.  Shame on us.

Dinner last night:  Steak sandwich at the Audi Yankee Stadium Club.

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Puck said...

Andrea Mitchell is everything that's wrong with journalism, wrapped in a hag-ish package. She's incredibly biased, hasn't had an original thought in at least 20 years and is a member of the DC media-government complex (her husband is Paul Volcker, the former Secretary of the Treasury). I'd give odds that she thinks Hillary's "deplorables" comment is wrong only in that it doesn't cover enough people. I'd give odds that the only time she cares about the "average American" only when that person is cleaning her house, cooking her food or bringing her car.