Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Now This is a Funny Movie

And perfect validation that the funniest things in life are really life itself.

More than any other film I have seen this year, I laughed out loud almost ten times during this clever and cringe-worthy documentary about that dopey Congressman with the double entendre last name, Anthony Weiner.   You remember the guy from all the late night comics.   The idiot who got caught sending pictures of his...well...last name to chicks on the Internet.   After being forced to quit that job, he tried to redeem his political career by running for the Democratic nomination to be NYC Mayor in 2013.   Well, he messed up that, too, and did not lose by...ahem...inches.

For some inexplicable reason, Weiner gave these filmmakers full access to his life during this political campaign.   They're even stumped, too and one of them actually asks him the question at the end of the film.

"Why did you allow us to film this?"

Weiner has no good answer.   Except he's a bit of a media whore who apparently craves me the worst publicity and attention.   And, trust me, he gets it in spades here.   Because, right in the middle of his mayoral campaign, he gets caught again.  Sex texting with some bimbette in Vegas.   Whoops.

Now I'm pretty certain that most politicians are just like Weiner.   Egomaniacs who thrive on running for the job and not necessarily doing it.   But Weiner takes it to a completely different level as he clearly has no clue when to stop running his mouth.   Or having phone sex.  His career is the ultimate disaster movie and viewers enjoy every single, uncomfortable minute of it all.

To further ramp up the plot, Anthony is married to long time Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, and she probably got a lot of "how do I hang there with a sleazy husband" tips from her boss.   Of course, all of the reactions at home have political rationale behind them.   Hillary hung in there to bolster her career and I'm guessing Huma's not far behind.   Hell, Bill Clinton was the one who officiated Anthony and Huma's wedding.  

I tell you, this type of comedy can't be made up.   There are laughs at every turn. I particularly loved the scene where the Vegas nutjob, egged on by Howard Stern, tries to confront Weiner and chases him through a midtown McDonald's.  As they say, mayhem ensues.

Of course, Weiner is no different than any other sleazy politician.   But it sure is fun to watch it...and him...unravel right before our eyes.

Forget the latest comedy opening at your multiplex.   For real, organic humor, check out "Weiner" instead.

LEN'S RATING:  Three-and-a-half stars.

Dinner last night:  German cold cut sandwich and cucumber salad.

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