Friday, June 10, 2016

Please Sign My Yearbook

 What happens when yearbook photos are taken on Halloween.
 Braces.   A bite plate.   Rubber bands.  Please!  Anything!
Voted "Most Likely To Appear in Porno."
 Jerry Lewis, Ninth Grade.
 Where's Starsky?
 Got a little too close to the ceiling fan.
 Voted "Most Likely to Have Lunch Money Stolen in the Bathroom."
 Still available for the senior prom.
 And so is she.
 Morticia Addams, Junior Year.
 I wonder what his mother's first name is...
Hmmm, FLOTUS.   Somebody had their hair straightened.   And their nose fixed.

Dinner last night:  Beef, broccoli, and rice.

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