Thursday, March 9, 2017

Over Five Billion Served

The title reminds me of an old Johnny Carson joke.

"Over five billion served...that has to be at least three pounds of hamburger meat."

"The Founder" is a curious little movie that has me confused by its marketing plan.   I remember seeing trailers back in October for this major Christmas release.   I'm thinking Oscar buzz especially with recent Best Actor winner Michael Keaton in the starring role of Ray Kroc.   But, December came and went and I don't remember seeing the movie actually open.

Now I know it was eligible for awards season because I have friends who saw the film via screener.  But, if this was supposed to be such a big deal last Fall, what happened that resulted in the movie being dumped into theaters in January?   Hmm.   Only the studio gods know.

As stories go, this is an interesting one that could easily have been shot as a documentary.  Back in the 50s, Ray Kroc was a run-of-the-mill salesman who was hawking mixers that allowed you to make five milk shakes at one time.   H runs into a San Bernardino drive-in hamburger joint run by the McDonald brothers and Kroc is super-impressive with their system of serving food fast. Before you know it, Kroc has taken over their outlet and expanded it to franchises all over the country.  Plus he steals away the wife of an investor to boot.

End of film.

While entertaining with good performances by Keaton and the rest of the cast, the movie is sort of a non-entity.   About as satisfying as a Big Mac.   You know the feeling.   It addresses your hunger but it's not nearly as nutritious.   Essentially, it's that Johnny Carson joke in play.   A lot of movie, but not a lot of meat.   

So maybe that's why "The Founder" couldn't be found until after the holidays.   I suppose I just answered my own question.

LEN'S RATING:  Two-and-a-half stars.

Dinner last night:  Sauteed spinach and mushrooms with garlic.

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Puck said...

You mean there's nothing about him buying the San Diego Padres before they could leave and become the Washington Whatevers?