Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Now Endorse For President...

If you're like me, the current Presidential election picture has you confounded and totally perplexed.    As the slate whittles down to two detestable front runners, you scratch your head because all the original choices were...well...horrific.  In a lot of respects, America is getting what they deserve for years of not paying attention to the caliber and false agendas of those they have elected to office.

Now, in the past on this blog, I have offered up an ideal choice to be our next President.   

Jack Benny.

And, sadly, that has not resulted in the groundswell of support that I had hoped for because, frankly, even I had to acknowledge one major obstacle.   The man is dead.

But I have re-thought and come up with a candidate that makes total sense for this country moving forward.
Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, as played by Tea Leoni every Sunday night on CBS' "Madam Secretary."

Okay, okay, I know.   It's a fictional character.   But, oh, how I wish it wasn't. Because she's a woman who clearly has the moxie and guts to make the tough decision.

More importantly, she is apolitical.   Not associated with either of the two parties that are destroying this nation.

Seriously, watch this show.   You will be hard pressed to discern what party she is affiliated with.  Because, in some episodes, she makes decisions that seem to be conjured up by the right.  And, on other weeks, she seems to be working for the left.   But, at all times, she is working solely for the American people.   How damn refreshing is that?

Truly, Elizabeth McCord is an independent and it's that kind of judgment that we need in this country right now.   If you want to see what a model states person is, tune into "Madam Secretary."  Oh, sure, there are misfires.   The program features an international disaster of the week.   And there was one episode where Elizabeth got counsel from that former nut job Madeline Albright.  But, for the most part, Madam Secretary is what we need for our next President of the United States.

If our problems could be so easily fixed.   By a television writer.

Dinner last night:  Chef's salad.

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