Thursday, May 26, 2016

Is It Me?

Random musings that perplex me everyday.

---People in New York are always horrified when it's still chilly in May.   Hello, it's May in New York.

---I look at the new prime time schedules of the TV networks and discover there is not a single show I want to watch.

---I scan through People Magazine these days and discover that I don't know 75% of the people spotlighted.

---Why is it horrible that Donald Trump had all these dalliances with women in the past?  Um, hello.   John F. Kennedy Jr.   Um, Teddy Kennedy.  Er, Bill Freakin' Clinton.

---How is Hillary Clinton a champion for women when she basically held her husband's philandering as a means to her own political career?

---Why is it that the same folks who bitched about Ronald Reagan's age when he became President have no problem with Bernie Sanders being 75 on the next election day?

---How is it I was never allowed in the kitchen when I was a kid but today there is now a "Chopped Junior?"

---If we are so worried about terrorists, how come the dumbest Americans are chosen to work for Homeland Security?

---How come 2-Ply toilet tissue isn't really 2-Ply?

---The supposedly revolutionary "Empire" TV show is nothing more than "Dallas" in the record industry.

---What's the fascination of NBC with the city of Chicago?

---If anybody else had the ratings Stephen Colbert has gotten, they would have fired months ago.

---I don't know a single person who has voted for Trump.   Well, at least, no one who has admitted it.

---Why don't people answer your e-mails yet they still keep Words with Friends games going with you?

---How could the Dodgers open up a much-ballyhooed sausage stand yet it is closed every Friday night because the owner is Jewish?

---How come I get more unsolicited calls than ever when I'm on the "Do Not Call list?

---Why are there commercials for Time Warner Cable in the middle of Dodger telecasts when you can't see the games unless you have Time Warner Cable?

---Just how many long lost twins have there been on daytime TV dramas?

---How come birds have never suddenly appeared every time you are near?

---Why do I still miss "Knots Landing" as much as I do?

---Who was the fiend that first told supermarket meat departments to put the fat side down on any package of beef?

---Just how small were the people who used to go to Broadway theaters back in the 20s and 30s?

---I look at friends on Facebook who brag about running marathons and wonder just when their arthritic knees will kick in.

---How it is that I'm still doing this blog almost ten years after I started it?

---And how come you're still reading it?

Dinner last night:  Sandwich and salad at the New York homestead.

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